Her Yerde Kar Var (영어 번역)

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Snow is everywhere

snow is everywhere,
my heart is yours tonight
snow is everywhere
my heart is yours tonight
may be you'll come
when i look through the window
eyes in loneliness miss you
watch you in the snow
it's difficult to go in the snow
if you come, look, it's love,
if you turn on the corner for the moment,
i will sing a song then
stop snowing now
look, my heart has frozen,
i said, stop snowing,
may be, my sweetheart will come
tears, stop flowing,
don't think he won't come
stop crying now,
look. enough, shame on you
it's difficult to go in the snow
i understood, he won't come,
the world is not enough for me,
snow, say, why have you been falling?
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Her Yerde Kar Var

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