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Dead and buried

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Idiomatic translations of "Dead and buried"

게일어(Scottish Gaelic)
marbh fon ùir
mausetot (sein)
Muerto y enterrado
Muerto y bien muerto
Patas arriba
Dead and gone
그리스어 #1, #2, 독일어, 영어, 터키어
Già bello che morto
Morto e sepolto
Mort et bien mort

Meanings of "Dead and buried"


Moot, passed, irrelevant, forgotten.

Explained by EnjovherEnjovher on 月, 30/01/2017 - 22:08
Explained by EnjovherEnjovher

tamamen sonlanmış, bitmiş

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Explained by piliburukpiliburuk

"Dead and buried" in lyrics

Mario Lanza - The Window Which Used To Shine

A sign my beloved is sick
Her sister appeared and told me
Your beloved is dead and buried
Crying always for she slept alone,

Noé Preszow - May Everything Dance

For a long, long time I must love
dead and buried loves.
Seeing each other again all the time, everywhere

Mando Diao - Ramble in my homeland

but so weakly that it seemed like a dream[?]:
"It was thrown to the wind twenty years ago,
it is dead and buried and forgotten.

Yiddish Folk - On Every Street

Get down off your horses!
The Russian Tsar is already
Dead and buried!
Hey, hey, down with the police!

Noé Preszow - Let all dance

I need a long, long time to love
Dead and buried loves
See us again, all the time, everywhere

Ben Mazué - News

I don't say "left",
I don't say "passed away"
No, I say "dead and buried",
That's not ugly, that's the way it is,

Catalan Folk - Amelia's Last Will

— 'All of my jewels,
The ones made out of gold and silver,
Once I am dead and buried,
You must take to the goldsmiths.

Les Cowboys fringants - Half-Mast

The public gossips all about it
But two weeks later it sinks into oblivion
The story is dead and buried
And meanwhile the La Vérendrye park

Cécile Corbel - The damned girl

Tell me who was on the field
It's the girl, your dear daughter Jeanne
Your dead and buried girl

Michel Fugain - (It’s) a Party

It’s like a big sunburn, a chaotic wind
Nothing is the same anymore today.
The world dead and buried
To revive ;

Sura İskenderli - Not there (how are you still?)

What do you dream of when I am not there
I can't even enter the grave without you!
Am I dead and buried without a shroud?
My soul is disembodied in the world!

Ice MC - It's a Rainy Day

Drop inna di trap fi di man dem, oh cyan find J-O-B, yea
Trouble den come by the double and him receive a bullet, eh eh
Billy feel bad brethren dead and buried

Arttu Wiskari - Cottage Road

Grandpa is no longer telling stories about the war
He's pushing up daisies at Honkanummi1
Now I understand the story better

  • 1. He's dead and buried at Honkanummi (a cemetary in Vantaa)

Mando Diao - Roaming in my Hometown

but as weak if it just had been dreamed:
''It's been thrown to wind since twenty long years,
it's dead and buried and forgotten.

Cécile Corbel - Peter and Marion

Summer has passed but the bird is singing
Belle Marion is dying
Even dead and buried,
He always sings

Bushido - Leave Me Alone

Because of me, you’re swimming in money, Dagobert!1
I’m not saying anything more, it’s all just show.
When I’m dead and buried, it’s over.

  • 1. Dagobert Duck.

Legião Urbana - Perfection

From all this
With party, funeral and casket
It's all dead and buried now
Since we can also celebrate

Mando Diao - Rambling in my hometown

as weakly as if it were dreamt:
"It was thrown to the wind twenty long years ago,
it is dead and buried and forgotten

Beetlejuice The Musical - Barbara 2.0

The Barbara you married
She Is dead and buried
Six feet below

Stefflon Don - Senseless

Them post have fa peer
Gal dis
Get dead and buried
Bout dis