growing pains

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Meanings of "growing pains"


a metaphor for the problems of the early stages of some project (a reference to the physical pains of growing up in adolescence)

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Metafora par dažu projektu sākumposmu problēmām (Atsauce uz pusaudža gados pieaugošajām fiziskajām sāpēm)

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Муки взросления, становления.

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"growing pains" in lyrics

Super Junior-D&E - Growing Pains

This cold night street
These heartbreaking footsteps
Some day, it’ll all pass
Memories of us crazily in love

TFBOYS - Manual of Youth

Be cute or stay cool, change different styles
Youth is full of uncertainties
Take it easy with the growing pains

The Heirs (OST) - Growing Pains 2

Though my eyes look at you,
I can’t see you
Though my lips call you,
you can’t hear me

Luhan - Your Song

I finally run into you, Coming closer to me
Young and wild
Growing pains
Whenever you frown, Let me comfort you

Epik High - Home Is Far Away

But now, I'm jealous of the ordinary
As I stand all alone in the rain
If you don't grow, growing pains is just pain

Descendants 2 (OST) - Space Between

Nothing can stay the same
It's growing pains

Luniz - Ich bin mit 5 Ocken dabei

Du ziehst dir das rein wie Fruchteis, der gute Stoff
Macht einen so durchgeknallt wie Eddie Murphy
Hab hier Gute Zeiten, Schlechte Zeiten1
Denn alle nerven mich, wann ich endlich den Stoff aus dem Rucksack hole

  • 1. Im Original ein Verweis auf die Sitcom "Growing Pains" (im deutschen Fernsehen "Unser lautes Heim", eigentlich "Wachstumsschmerzen", hier ein Wortspiel mit der wörtlichen Bedeutung "stärker werdende Schmerzen").

Samuli Putro - You're My Spouse Now

That even a whisper is a shout
I wouldn't change a second
Not youth, not rabid growing pains
Not the ice that broke, not the church bells

Faye Wong - Mortal World

Not all relationships have clear beginnings and ends
It’s not necessarily scary to end up alone
In life, those initial growing pains are unavoidable
May your eyes see only smiles

Chris Rea - Looking for the Summer

Remember love, how it was the same
We scratched and hurt each other's growing pains

Luniz - I Got 5 On It

Suck up that dank like a Slurpee, the serious
Bomb will make a niggie go delirious like Eddie Murphy
I got more growing pains than Maggie
‘Cause homies nag me to take the dank out of the baggie

ASTRO (South Korea) - Growing Pains

I cried all night over my first break up
It hurt a lot more than I thought
Does everyone hurts like this when they break up?
Am I the only one?

Marcus Wiebusch - The Day Will Come

All of you homophobe idiots, you dumb haters,
forum-spammer,all of you desk criminal
All you mean little minds with growing pains
All you Bible-reciter with your hate in your hearts

Promoe - Mother's street

But there is a small dilemma
It feels like the shoes are starting to press
And I get growing pains, I have to leave

Super Junior-D&E - 너는 나만큼 (Growing Pains)

차가운 이 밤거리도
가슴 아픈 발걸음도
언젠가는 지나가겠지
미치도록 우리 사랑했던 기억들도

Samuli Putro - You are my spouse now

That even a whisper feels like a shout
I wouldn't trade a minute
Not my youth, not the furious growing pains
Not the ice that broke, not the bells of the church

CORBYN - BlackWhite

City of Gods we takin' different lanes
I put the work in so it's growing pains

Cider Girl - Growing Pains

It’s nice to meet your heart. I knocked on the rusted door
There’s something I would like to talk to you about, would it be ok if I came in for a bit?

I tried coming in, but without saying what I really wanted to, I laughed and covered it up

Logic - GP4

Running with my sister Jinny, schooling me like Mr. Feeny
This is the first time I heard a gunshot on the block
Growing pains (three), this the type of shit don't never stop
Here come the cops

Lucius - Dusty Trails

[Verse 2]
I know I'm no doctor, but if I was guessing
I'd say it was just growing pains
And painful as growing is