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Guinea pig

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Idiomatic translations of "Guinea pig"

Proef konijn
ein Versuchskaninchen sein
подопытный кролик
опитно зайче
Test dummy
Un cobaye

Meanings of "Guinea pig"


Someone who subjected to any kind of an experiment, often scientific research.

Explained by Th3D4rkStarTh3D4rkStar on 土, 03/06/2017 - 07:43
Explained by Th3D4rkStarTh3D4rkStar

"Guinea pig" in lyrics

Dudu Faruk - Stephane Legar

A whole nation want answears, Stephane
walking with a handful of money, rolling them (referred to females)
get the guinea pig, show us the jonj
the bush isn't enough, we wanna see George

Zoya Yashchenko - Oh, my Lord, what a pity

And "no" of yours lost its weight on scales.

Why don't you then buy me a puppy 1.
Alone in the dark, I'm scared starkly.

  • 1. lit. guinea pig

Lauana Prado - Guinea Pig

I accept this job as your guinea pig
Seize me, embrace me, and don't leave
I accept this job as your guinea pig

ACANE (ZUTOMAYO) - Character

Right on the mark, feel like a jackpot
A junction marks the crossing of our fates
1894, the god of death dances a hidden waltz with the world as a guinea pig, salt in its hands1
An unseen ghost, its repentance lost2

  • 1. I'm not completely sure that I translated this line correctly.
  • 2. That is, the thing it must do in order to leave this world.

Masha and the Bear (OST) - Song of Animal Tracks

If I’d see some tracks right now
I’d know them! I never fail!
A guinea pig, a longhorn cow.
A crawly bug, a nightingale.

Die Prinzen - Was soll ich ihr schenken?

Was soll ich ihr schenken,

a guinea pig – she already has
a halo – she already has

Casseurs Flowters - Look How Beautiful It Is (Outside)

The project was to do nothing, and I have no plan B
I just think about hanging out, singing, messing with my health
My guinea pig starved to death, I was not giving him anything to eat
Fifteen missed calls: remind me never to call them again

Love of Lesbian - Psiconauts

Mental guinea pig,
who had been given up
for dead, even by you.
Rising, he realized he was exiting

Émilie Simon - Opium

I let go, let myself inhale
The vapors within the details
All cloudy, I go up in smoke like a little obedient guinea pig

Hallo aus Berlin (OST) - in my family

In my family

One guinea pig,
Two little kitten,

Wise Guys - Facebook

It's great to have as much friends as possible in such a big city, isn't it?

I know exactly when Tom is feeding his guinea pig
and which scene of which film is shocking Liese.

Hubert-Félix Thiéfaine - Lorelei Sebasto Cha

Don't let me down, my train derails
Lorelei, Lorelei
And I'm like a guinea pig who snorted all his straw

Tom Zé - If

Ah! If evil were sold in the pharmacy
What a great fortune you'd make
With this guinea pig
That I've always been in your hands

Kool Savas & Sido - New World

Lamborghinis in videos, but in real life more like Seat.
RapUpdate headlines, because this rapper tunes his lawnmower
His bitch lets herself being touched like a tame guinea pig
Puts an all-nighter in the clubs and her throat smells like a strong flatulence in the morning

Sick2 - Schrödinger's Cat

I am already dead.

Surely to you, I'm the same as a guinea pig
My test subject body is all tattered...You're enjoying this, right?

Olavi Uusivirta - Beauty Blows My Mind

but no arrow could pierce that armor
and get into the heart
if profile picture is like a guinea pig

Ismo Alanko - Pornography on and on

Oh my pretty Jane
Don't go believing on guinea pigs...

Rex Harrison - Talk to the Animals

Maybe take an animal degree
We'd study elephant and eagle, buffalo and beagle
Alligator, guinea pig, and flea

Cazuza - God's Guinea Pigs

We, God's guinea pigs
We are God's guinea pigs
We are God's guinea pigs

Timi Hendrix - The Emperor of China

I believe it's about time for anorexia again
Fuck, it looks like I've hit bottom again
Now give me that guinea pig, bitch!
Turn on the microwave