let off steam

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가사의 "let off steam"

Mahmood - Cocktail of Love

Because to feel good
I've to hit rock bottom
Would be a liar if I make you believe that I've got everything under control
But the more I laugh, the colder my heart gets

Anuel AA - See you go

From what 'they threw you', I was the only one who could
Tell him 'that I am the one who givew it to you often
I love when you let off steam on top of me dancing
How do you look at me when I am giving you (Dando)

Tommaso Paradiso - Overwhelming Blue Ice

A ray of sun is enough for me
in the aisles of winter
to let off steam by sweating
hell on the face

Kim Kay - Lilali

If I could escape this
I'd go to the Pacific
If I could let off steam
A physical escape

Eminem - You Don't Know

[Intro: Tony Yayo & 50 Cent]

Annalisa - The outburst in Saint-Tropez

Since I've known you
I work out to let off steam
One day you don't notice it

Benaia Barabi - In The Farthest Place

I wanted to come to myself, just one like everyone else.
No matter how much I screamed, I fell silent,
Instead of speaking, I let off steam.

Passi - Les Flammes Du Mal

They call for the flame to calm the [troubled] souls
they want to take revenge while they're busy
Some are going to burn, Others to let off steam
Will also come to smash everything, crack shop windows

KISS - Crazy Crazy Nights

The sun goes down like a bad, bad dream
You're wound up tight, gotta let off steam
They say they can break you again and again

Ákos - Do We Bow Boy?

The river of anguish will flow
Rise up and shake off the pain
Let off steam, let the strength show
Unmask the torturer

Joe Dassin - Flea Market

She bought some tobacco to roll a cigarette.
Only later I learned that is was her fad.
We all let off steam the way we can.

Matt Houston - Be positive

To let off steam, you have to dance,
If nothing happens in your life

Glukoza - She wanted the groom

Mother, I'm tired to hear you
I wish you let off steam
Or pull emergency brake.

Chewiecatt - New Dawn

It's a brand new day
I like to go, my own way
Put on a happy face
I like to show them I'm okay

Da Weasel - Force (A page of history)

[Verse 1: Pacman]
You're listening to a page of history
A piece of your glory, which will become a brief memory1
We are in the middle of summer, but it rains everywhere2

  • 1. This song (or the story told in this song) will become only a brief memory in your head.
  • 2. This could be interpreted metaphorically. The summer could represent his young age, where he should be having fun, and the rain could represent the pain and tears he's been dropping because of this break-up situation.

Eddy Lover - You shouldn't have returned

Premises... Today I came to let off steam... listen...

I have learned to be happy... and although I was dying I smiled...
I have also learned to live without you...

The Nightmare Before Christmas (OST) - Poor Jack

What have I done? What have I done?
I've been wrong, I've been blind
Everything's leaving, fleeing away
Oh no! Oh no! And I don't know why

Frozen (OST) - In summer

And I'll be... a happy snowman!
When everything is good, I dream like a baby
I relax under the summer sun and let off steam

Axelle Red - What use is it

This thirst for self-defense gets me drunk
But I can't sober up
Nor let off steam

Starmania (Musical) - The March of the Grand Guru / Paranoia

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