Je voudrais la connaître (영어 번역)

영어 번역영어

I would like to get to know her

I would like to get to know her
Find out what she is like
Does she have a good figure?
Is she pretty? I would like...
Oh, I would like to see her
To watch her for a long time
To learn her story,
Her background and her past
Maybe this curiosity
Is strange
- To finally see and accept it
And to stop imagining
I would like to understand
Even if it ruins me
Because she knew how to steal you
Because she has taken my place
I already know her perfume
And her handwriting
This sweetly written note
That lies forgotten in our car
I also want to see the hotel
Whether you put the price
Whether the room was beautiful
And whether the bed was big
Maybe it isn't normal
It's crazy, but it tempts me
This desire to suffer
To the limit, to death
I would like to know everything
And her age and her skin
Everything that's different from us
And what's similar, it's pathetic
And to surprise you when you're with her
When you're funny, when you're sweet
To hear you make your promises
And when you tell her about us
I want to see you again
To watch you in the mirror
And when you kiss her
To see your hips move matador-style
I want your body close to hers
All those forgotten gestures
To find you once again
Just the way I'd always loved you
In this cold, in these ashes
I would like to stay here
And just see and understand
Everything I am not
Hmm... everything I am not
Everything I am not
투고자: tuna.afternoontuna.afternoon, 土, 17/11/2012 - 19:27
Added in reply to request by Valeriu RautValeriu Raut

Je voudrais la connaître

Valeriu RautValeriu Raut    日, 18/11/2012 - 07:01

Hello Nathalie,
Very well done, thanks.
Few suggestions:
Si tu as mis le prix > (Whether you paid for everything) IF YOU PUT THE PRICE
Tout ce qui nous sépare > (Everything that's different from us) ALL THAT SEPARATES US

tuna.afternoontuna.afternoon    火, 20/11/2012 - 16:53

Hello! Regular smile Thank you for your comment!
I'm aware that "mettre le prix" means to put the price, but in the context of the whole song, does it make sense - was he the one to say what the price was? If it does to you, I would love it if you could explain it! Regular smile
And about the second one... well, that was my first thought, but after reading the following line, I thought that she just wanted to compare what's similar about both relationships and what's different. That's how I see it, I know it isn't literal, it's just... you know, a woman's instinct! Regular smile

Valeriu RautValeriu Raut    金, 23/11/2012 - 07:51

Hello Nathalie,
I am not sure you understand the lyrics.
Of course the man cannot put the price for the hotel room.
But the singer refers to the cost for the sexual act with the prostitute.
(This is negotiable; the price for the hotel room is not.)
Has the man or the prostitute put the price?
That is the question.
Friendly yours,

tuna.afternoontuna.afternoon    土, 24/11/2012 - 21:41

Okay, now I see what you meant. Thank you, I'll change the translation right away Regular smile
I just don't think that it was only a prostitute. Maybe at first, yes, but would he have made promises to a girl he barely knew?
I'll leave it up to everyone's personal interpretation.

Valeriu RautValeriu Raut    月, 26/11/2012 - 08:24

Hello Nathalie,
I would like to make a point.
The singer is a woman; her man cheated her with an unknown woman, but she still loves him.
She tells us many things without knowing all the details; she is jealous, feels hurt and imagines a lot.
Why all that has happened to her?
Is the other woman more beautiful? She must be a prostitute.
We have only the singer’s story and it is not certain she has the whole truth: that the other one was a prostitute and that they met in a hotel etc.
The main question remains: why he preferred the other woman?
She would like to know everything in detail: the size of the bed, the price, to be present when they make love etc.
Note how the singer’s voice changes from patience to anger, rage and back to nostalgia.