Kerry Butler - This Only Happens in the Movies


This Only Happens in the Movies

This only happens in the movies
Life's not this perfect off the screen
Stars never gleam so bright
And nights never seem so right
Except in the movies that I've seen
Fate doesn't work like in the movies
Love never enters right on cue
Strangers don't meet like this
And get swept off their feet like this
The way movies always say they do
Somehow this moon is too enchanting
Somehow this moment's too ideal
Somehow this moonlight we're enthralled to
Is all too unreal
For this only happens in the movies
So this can only be pretend
But if this is my chance
The prelude to a new romance
Let's hope that it has a happy end
A Hollywood platinum stardust happy-end
투고자: Alma BarrocaAlma Barroca, 日, 24/01/2021 - 21:41


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