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My Fears

Does your longing end before my life ends
Does darkness turn into lights?
Does this heart move home without you?
Does life choose the right one with the wrong?
I have the fears, the fears
I have lots of sorrows, my sore bleeds
I'm a little girl, I'm innocent
Does my fire burn both of us?
Do those eyes look at the other ones?
Does my love make us lovers?
Please don't take away your heart from my heart
This is my heartache
I'm a person who don't have love
To you, I'm totally mad and mindless
All of these were destiny
Being with you was a dream
Because I'm a poor and penniless
You are caught inside of my mind
I felt blue
Your love is impossible for me
You felt disappointed because of me
I'm not obsessed with you
My problem is with your eyes
I wish you could come here
Then we would be too close to each other
투고자: AñoneAñone, 日, 01/08/2021 - 15:13
요청자: furkan alalınfurkan alalın
최종 수정: AñoneAñone, 日, 05/09/2021 - 14:47
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