Kornett Peter Kulfeld (영어 번역)

검토 요청
영어 번역

Cornet Peter Kulfeld

Here he rides now in the dark
Over the mountains in a cold night
Among Armfeldt's swedish soldiers (1a)
Cornet Peter Kulfeld moves forward (1)
He's struggling with the cold
he's struggling with the wind
As he wildly and eagerly bites
his already whitened cheeks
So he is cradled into sleep
Jack frost requires a price
Cornet Peter Kulfeld
Falls asleep in a bed of ice
So he falls asleep there
Many memories of his life
Cornet Peter Kulfeld
from Jämtland company (3)
High on horseback
He had waged war for sixteen years
Bursting out in the foremost front
he charged, felled men with his sword
He was invincible to bullets
Invincible to blows
But now the cold wreaks havoc
Violently takes hold of his heart
His brother's name was Jubal; he was the father of all
who play stringed instruments and pipes. (Genesis 4:21)
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(1a) Carl Gustav Armfeldt, swedish officer who took part in the great northern war, where the russians beat back swedish influence over Northern and Eastern Europe.
The swedes had to retreat in a death march around new year 1718/1719 after a violent blizzard
(1) Cornet, the lowest military rank for commissioned officers
(3) Jämtland, historical swedish province in the central west.

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Kornett Peter Kulfeld

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