La Guitare Fait Mal (영어 번역)

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The guitar does not lie

All night, he played his guitar
At the back of an old café
A little sunshine, on the wet tar
The people are leaving, it is almost morning
It is the last song, of a wounded love
Somewhere far from the café, there's war
Like a strange love that will never return
It is all normal and the guitar doesn not... lie
The woman who comes at night, is dressed in black
She smiles when he plays the guitar
She asks for the same song every night
The same song that tells her entire story
And her perfume lingers in the distance
Chairs are stacked, so the place can be swept
It is an entire story to be forgotten
It is all normal and the guitar doesn't... lie
It was not so long ago, not very long ago
He played so he could love her
In spite of the days when he lost his life
In order to see her come, when night fell
He awaits the night and this woman, too
As one awaits his final train
Which will carry him to his true destiny
It is all normal and the guitar does not lie
The guitar does not lie
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