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The story of the Revolution

A revolutionary
I don't want to be,
but in all honesty
I've come here to sing:
Don Porfirio was
standing on his balcony
with chains and shackles,
ruling the nation.
Wanting to free us
and make us all equal,
he faced Madero,
to defend our vote
and say no to "re-election"
with Blanco and Maytorena1
he rose a rebellion.
and without accounting for Juan Sarabia
completely responded
to the martyr Madero
by betraying him.
So Villa and Angeles
true patriots,
went off to war
in pursuit of freedom,
sincere Maderistas2
fought with courage,
defending at every turn
the usurper Huerta.
But in Aguascalientes
the deceitful ambition
made sure he would fail,
the great revolution
formed a government
as a conviction,
they rebelled against him,
Carranza and Obregón.
From there, according to history,
its ******* will tell:
a great family was born
from so much Carrancismo3
and wanting to perpetuate
Carranza to the nation,
they named their male heirs
after Calles and Obregón.
Afterwards, everyone already knows
what came to pass,
was taken for a fool,
see what a vain dream
gold and power are,
because taller towers
have come to fall.
That's how the Great Cesar fell
and so did Napoleon,
forgive my couplets,
my honest narration,
but it's the real story
of the revolution.
  • 1. General José María Maytorena Tapia was a Mexican soldier who participated in the Mexican Revolution.
  • 2. supporters/soldiers of Francisco Madero or the movement supporting him.
  • 3. soldiers or supporters of Carranza or a movement supporting Carranza.
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La Historia de la Revolución

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