Serge Gainsbourg - Le Sonnet d'Arvers (영어 번역)

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The Sonnet of Arvers

My life has its secret my soul has its mystery
An eternal love conceived in a moment
Evil is without hope and I’ve had to keep quiet
And she who did it never knew anything about it
Alas I will have passed close to her unnoticed
Always at her side and yet alone
And I will have to the end spent all my time on earth
Not daring to ask for anything and receiving nothing
For her even though God made her sweet and gentle
She will go her way distracted and unhearing
This murmur of love raised by her steps
To austere duty piously faithful
She will say, reading these verses all filled with her
“So who is this woman?”
And will not understand
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Based on the poem by Félix Arvers


Le Sonnet d'Arvers

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