Serge Gainsbourg - Les cigarillos (영어 번역)


Les cigarillos

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영어 번역

The cigarillos

The cigarillos have the advantage of making a space around me
I appreciate their tobacco
And the consideration
The cigarillos are not like me, marked with timidity
And their aggression
Is subtly nuanced
Without ever saying anything to hurt you
They dismiss you tenderly
Ah! What tobacco 1
What tobacco
What tobacco
What tobacco x2
The cigarillos often cost me tearful goodbyes
From women of quality
And from courtesans
The cigarillos know as I do that it’s not my beautiful eyes
That they beg for, but rather
The end of the havana
Without waiting for everything to be consumed
They disappear in the haze
Ah! What tobacco
What tobacco
What tobacco
What tobacco x4
  • 1. could also mean ‘what a hit!’, ‘what a smash’
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