Merhaba Nalan (영어 번역)

영어 번역

Hello Nalan

Hello Nalân... Is this you?
Or I thought this is you;
Let someone pinch me off
Come to light and let me see
Your fake eyes
That ruin me
Hello Nalân
Did I get you from payoff, beauty
You made us get stupidized again
However how beautifully we had forgotten
And how beautifully that foolish soap opera had ended
You know, in last episode
You went to fabricator Nubar Bey's
Mansion in Tarabya
You know, you refused me
Beside my friend Halit Akçatepe
And at that moment
You are done for me
Like a stuff that even a junk does not get
Hello Nalân
Passenger without ticket of the sea of regret
Hello, second class character actor of becoming artist dreams
Holy crap dear audience*
Holy crap... holy crap
Look, I'll cry now
Let someone turn off
Broken valve of my eyes
Yet, we got wet together on the factory road
On many rainy days
And that day, groaning is a poor animal that Nubar Bey crashed and ran
On roadside mud
And your selfish heart
That you always reserve for yourself
Also ached for that poor dog
And I saw you like that for the first time
And my veins ached like that for the first time
Hello Nalân... Hello
The most showy girl of our poor neighborhood
Hello, glorious starfish
Got caught into the wrong nets
When I look at you, I would fill like clouds
I would fill but I could not rain in no way
When you look at me
I would have a crying in my throat
I would be proud and not cry
How I was keen on you
You know, animals lick their cubs
Precisely like that
What a passion we had
You know, how Ferhat dug through the mountains
Precisely like that
And what a leaving it was
You know, a train arrives and pass over you
Precisely like that
Ugh Nalân ugh
If you knew how I hurt
You would die of knowing this
Let me tell a little
You know if you were stone
I mean if you were stone;
You would split in half
Don't go Nalân, stop
Don't go again, please
Don't mind my silly words
No, I am not crying
I suppose I got smoke in my eyes
Perhaps you were right
Neither you have luck of the Irish in this neither
Nor grow tall
Further your mother died
And your street
Was too narrow to bear the pain
Everything was going wrong
People dropped everything
They were obsessed with us
We have no money
The roof above us was draining
Arab girl was looking out of the window**
After you abandon, I...
Never ask that
I ruined every work I start
Because it was one way to forget you
I paid all my income to wine
But your wedding dress exists
I didn't sell the house with bay windows which is keepsake from my father
I haven't forgotten you
Even for one single day
Hello Nalân
Hello sad angel
Hello my unfortunate, my unlucky
Hello my shivering hand, my aching waist
My hurting knee, my irreplaceable
But Necdet Tosun is dead Nalân
You will cook and
I will make salad from now on
I will plant the garden with flowers you like
Although not like Sami Haziness did
Kemal Sunal is dead too, Nalân
We bid farewell to warm-hearted uncle's one by one
And the world have become dirty
The movies have spoiled
Those innocent loves don't exist anymore
You exist, I exist
And there is a cruel world outside
The main film starts now
And all seats are empty in this cinema
Hello Nalân, hello
You piggy in the middle, I blindman's buff
I love you
From where it becomes thin
Let it broke from there***
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작성자 코멘트:

*This is a slang said by Turks for the last year's
**This is a verse of lyrics of a child song
***This is an idiom in Turkish. But here the sentence structure is different. It means the relationship between two people breaks down despite all efforts and after this, there is nothing to do.


Merhaba Nalan

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