مش مهم تكوني حدي (Mish Mohem Tkouny Haddy) (영어 번역)


مش مهم تكوني حدي

مش مهم تكوني حدي حتى غني
مش مهم الصوت يودي ويحكي عني
انا ما بكتب يا رفيقة
ولا بعزف جملة موسيقى
انا ما بلحن ما بغني
إلا لفني ..إلا لفني
وانتي فني
مهما كنتي عني بعيدة..عني بعيدة
إنتيي نور الشمعة بعيدي ..إنتي عيدي
بدي حبك كيف ما كنتي
بدي حبك شو ما قلتي
بدي حبك وين ما كنتي
حتى لو ضليتي بعيدة
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It's not important to be by me

It's not important to be by me so I sing
It's not important that sound travels and tell my story
I don't pen down my friend
And I don't play any music
I don't compose or sing
Except for my art, except for my art
And you are my art
No matter how far from me, far from me
You are the candle light in my festivities ... you are my festivities
I want to love you, as you are
I want to love you, whatever you say
I want to love you, wherever you are
Even if you stay far away
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투고자: 369MM369MM, 木, 23/09/2021 - 07:01
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MJ-Q8MJ-Q8    木, 23/09/2021 - 17:23

✨احساس عالي و ترجمة جميله للغايه ✨
✨Amazing translation✨
✨Thousand thanks ✨
✨For your posting and uploading this incredible song✨

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