Moddi - Let The Spider Run Alive

  • 아티스트: Moddi
  • 앨범: Set The House on Fire

Let The Spider Run Alive

As you wake up the lights are all out
the air is dead but the blood leaves no doubt
you’ve been drowning, you’ve been burning with thirst
now you’re cold clay and a steel web’s spun around a brave, careless world
pick an apple and watch it rot
feel the fire from the things you forgot
while you weave yourself into a tight silver web
go to sleep now and tomorrow you will both wake up dead
because we’re all one of a kind
sleeping in the line of fire
now if you want to live and thrive
let the spider run off – run alive!
may you wake up without anger or doubt
and may your eyes burn in snow-white, flourescent light
투고자: Andreven, 火, 13/03/2018 - 15:54


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