أنا (Ana) (영어 번역)

영어 번역영어


I am the eye that will see for you
I am the voice that describes for you,
And tells you about, the world and its little details
I am the knowledge that will guide you
And I am the hand that does for you
Worldly things you wish you could just once do
I am the step that will move you
And I am the foot that walks for you
And I'm going to write for you so that you might read what you cannot hear
I am the heart that'll make up for
Things that aren't easily made up for
And if you tire, then your pain will undoubtedly worsen its1 pain
  • 1. The heart's
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투고자: 게스트게스트, 金, 29/05/2020 - 07:31
요청자: EndorphinEndorphin

أنا (Ana)

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