Nijigen Idling (人間Idling) (영어 번역)


Nijigen Idling (人間Idling)

思い出の美化って凄まじい 過去の自分が羨ましい
しかも ビックリする位に辛い過去もキラキラに輝かすんだ
戻れるならって思うけどやっぱ 今は今でそこそこやってるから大丈夫と言い聞かす 何回も
思い出して人間idlingずっと思い続けるi'm so think you
煽り 喉に負けない 憂鬱な音に敏感になってちゃやってけないなぁ
感情は殺せても欲求は騒ぐの 最大のコンプレックス纏ってる
これは皮肉でしかないね 「早く!」の反面 まだ楽しみたい夢の中へ
誰の誰にもう嫌われたくない もう… もっと私を愛してよって言うかも
ゆっくりそのまま=メンヘラじゃしょうがない ヘラヘラ笑ってさ、ベラベラ喋ってさ
自分に正直が良いわけじゃない 深い沼の底ハマっちゃって永遠にループ
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It was in the comment section of the video.

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Human Idling

The beautification of memories is amazing - the past me is jealous
More than I expected, the deep wounds feel like someone else's problems
And more, to a surprising degree, the bitter past sparkles brightly
Is this a good thing? A bad thing? I don't know, but it's nostalgic, irritating
I think, "If I could go back..." but in spite of that, here and now things are going okay. Over and over, I tell myself it's fine
Unexpectedly, my memory works well
Like it won't die with the real meaning, will it work well, well for me?
The scenes with you, the walks, the pain - I hide them behind a band-aid and keep living...
*Reminiscence, irony, what kind of melody did I hear at the end?
Remember, human idling. I'll always keep remembering. I'm so think you
I'm becoming well attuned to a stirring, melancholic sound that won't pass my throat
Even if I could kill the feeling, the desire makes an uproar. I'm wearing the biggest of complexes
This can't be anything but cynicism. But on the other hand, "hurry!" I still move toward dreams I want to enjoy
A plan toward lukewarm water, and understanding so well it hurts. Honestly, it's painful. Realize it
I don't want to be hated by anyone anymore. I want to be loved more, so I might say it
Slowly, as it is now, nothing can be done for my mental health. Laugh thoughtlessly, chatter endlessly
Being honest with myself probably isn't good. I plunge into the bottom of a deep swamp, in an endless loop
Dressing up, grumbling - crushing that is starting again from the beginning. Is it the end...?
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I'm so happy to be able to translate this song! It's been a favorite of mine for a long time but I could never find the lyrics. Enjoy!

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