No me peguen (영어 번역)

영어 번역

Don't hit me

Don't hit me, I'm Giordano,
Don't crush me, I'm a sworm.
Don't squeeze me, I'm a grain,
Don't blow me, I'm light.
Don't name me, I'm John Doe,
Don't asphalt me, I'm Venetian,
Don't swear me, I'm in vain.
Don't pay me... I'm Franciscan.
Who lives of the charity of the brother,
who has no debts like a good christian,
Who doesn't dazzle with pagan joys
and doesn't kneel before the material.
Don't comb me, I'm Romano, 1
Don't cross me, I'm Medrano,
Don't wrinkle me, I'm a plain,
Don't smoke me, I'm Tuscan.
Don't love me, I'm a villian,
Don't follow me... I'm from La Rioja...2
Don't vote me, I'm tyrant,
Don't sell me, I'm sovereign...
Who doesn't want a northamerican world,
Who admires Facundo, Dorrego and Belgrano.
Who hates the block against the cubans
and the bombings that Bagdad endures.
Don't understand me, I'm gipsy,
Don't clean me, I'm filthy.
Don't smell me, I'm Cyrano,
Don't forget me, I'm an elder.
Don't drink me, "Soy Cuyano",3
Don't light me, I'm butane.
Don't call me, I'm Susana,4
Don't swindle me... I'm Sicilian
Who like Corleone, Capone y Luciano
can cut your hand for a pizzeta,
swears vendetta, throws you to the pond
and then wants to be godfather of your grandaughter.
Don't tease me, I'm human,
Don't give me, I'm the ass.
Don't climb me, I'm a plain,
Don't stretch me, I'm midget.
Don't cut me, I'm apple tree,
Don't bet on me, I never win,
Don't yell at me, I'm close.
Don't miss me... I come back soon...
But don't hit me, I'm not Giordano,
don't "pepe" me, I'm not Soriano,
it was all a joke this foolish Meccano
of phrases that now will end.
If you want I swear before a notary
that I won't sing such a bad song again.
  • 1. Gerardo Romano, argentinian actor
  • 2. "Follow me, I won't let you down", famous saying by Carlos Saul Menem, former president
  • 3. In 1992 there was a case of deaths by poisoning of wine with methilical alcohol coming from the distributor "Soy Cuyano"
  • 4. Susana Gimenez, argentinian actress and hostess.
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The phrase "Don't hit me, I'm Giordano" was said by the well-known argentinian hairdresser Roberto Giordano when he assisted to a River-Boca match and come River fans gave him a beating.


No me peguen

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