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Night in the city

One bat vampire is sitting on the branch
The green giant is spreading his roots like legs
Night in the city
Trees are chasing by me, the city is haunting me
Behind hundreds of house gateaways, an arm is stretching out to catch me
''Where are you going promiscuous son?'' He's watching me, he's looking after me
I'm jumping over wet rails, I panic childishly
They're already catching my sleeves, I feel all the arms of tthe city
Someone is taking care of us, we're still young
Night in the city
Blue jester is touching the darkness
Tram's lights are blinking in one eye
I see how white shadows are hiding in before me
They're making noise in night dark, eyes are flashing from the other side
Daddy is taking care of us, we're still young
No, no one will, no one will escape
Night in the city
Warm arms of my birth place are catching me
''Where are you going, promiscuous son, nowhere is better than here!''
We're still young
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Noc u gradu

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