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Ditch Effort 가사

  • 아티스트: NOFX
  • 앨범: First Ditch Effort (2016)

Ditch Effort

Living for nothing does not require reason
Ban no ambition call it national treason
I’ve been outside the cave and told them ‘bout the light
They told me they don’t want to know about it
Fuck you and good night
We’ve got a sickness, it’s not a moral judgment
It comes from thickness and 30 year begrudgement
You end up sighing it’s only STD
We’ve all got sickness but I’m the one with Hepatitis C
I don’t need doctors, I don’t need treatment
Need to be treated like a man who’s halfway decent
I told them that I think bad thoughts and I just might
They told me they don’t want to hear about it
Fuck you and good night!
투고자: LithiumLithium, 2022-08-14


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