Noor (نور) (영어 번역)

  • 아티스트: Zap Tharwat (زاب ثروت)
  • Featuring artist: Sary Hany, Amina Khalil
  • 곡: Noor (نور)
  • 번역: 영어
영어 번역영어


The alarm clock loudly rang, woke me and my mind up.
That interview reminded me of my first job.
A lot of good engineers have applied for this job
but with zero experience1.
Out of the last resumé2, which belonged to "Noor Abdel-Kareem"
A piece of paper, taken from old diaries, fell down.
"Noor" was the eldest of a family that has another two sisters.
For years he has never complained about the heavy responsibilities thrown on his shoulders.
Always has been blamed by his friends, stress was huge.
"Why would you keep studying? there is no good in that"
He knew the answer for this question and it wasn't bothering him at all.
His mother was always on his side supporting and encouraging him.
Suddenly, illness beat his father up and began to break him down.
He (Noor) found himself the one to catch his home and sisters before falling down.
Started he to work in his father's workshop and told everyone that he had decided to quit university.
In months he became a well-known master. Like father, like son.
But, out of sight, he kept studying . His professors appreciated him
once they knew about his circumstances and ignored his permanent absence.
He burst with joy when he received his licence.
Now he is officially a well-respected mechanical engineer. But....
knowing that his father had passed away shot him like a bullet.
But thanks to the chain of miseries he faced in his childhood he could survive this day.
I turned this piece of paper telling myself that he is unbreakable
He is the one for it. I've already chosen him3.
I'm not going to step aside
I'm not going to accept standing in the shadow4
Life keeps moving on just because we are in the same queue.
I'm fiercely fighting circumstances you don't live in5
And the role of "HE" can never be complete without the role of "SHE"
The interview's day came. I was excited to see him,
to hear more from him about his life, dreams and circumstances.
But I was shocked to discover that "Noor" was not a man6.
There was a girl greeting me. I couldn't understand what is going on.
I asked: Your name is "Noor Abdel-Kareem"?
She answered me with smile: Hello. and you are .... ?
I asked: Do you have any siblings? She answered: Yes. I have sisters
and I'm looking after them since my father's death.
Her answer shocked me. It was exactly what was written.
Thousand sound shouted in my head: "This can't be real!
how could she work in a workshop?,7 how could she be a bread earner?
How could she be a real man, while she is not even a man?
how could she be called (Chef) by male workers?
how can I dare to say that I've just chosen a woman, a female engineer?"
An inner voice was refusing not only the answer, but the question itself.
refusing the hesitation and commanding me to respond
to the voice of just and reminding me of my choice.
Should I change my decision just because she is a girl?
Shame on me, I must apologize
How can I let myself been imprisoned by such sick, obsolete thoughts?
Went to my senses, handed "Noor" this paper of her diaries.
I told her that I know a lot about her life.
Congratulations, you got the job and you're gonna absolutely do great.
I hope that this will be a new happy page in your life.
I'm not going to step aside.
I'm not going to accept standing in the shadow.
Life keeps moving on just because we are in the same queue.
I'm fiercely fighting circumstances you don't live in.
And the role of "HE" can never be complete without the role of "SHE".
  • 1. Literally: with no experience .like the clean (empty) sheet
  • 2. resume: A brief account of one's professional or work experience and qualifications, often submitted with an employment application. a CV
  • 3. before even seeing him
  • 4. Literally: I'm not going to be put in the margin and I,m not going to accept to be kept on a shelf
  • 5. Note: She is addressing here using masculine pronoun
  • 6. "Noor" is an Arabic name which means "Light" and can be used as a masculine or a feminine name
  • 7. It is unusual to see a lady working in a workshop here in Egypt.
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작성자 코멘트:

"Noor" is an Arabic name. and also the noun and the word used for "Light". I believe that this name have been chosen here to make a refer to some "enlightenment".
In the beginning of the video clip written: "Inspired by reality of our society."
Please, If you completed reading this translation, let me know if you liked it, or leave me a comment if you didn't.
Thanks a lot Regular smile

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