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Darkness outside
Behaving like an adult
Above loneliness
Adorned with decoration, catch the eye, gossip,
Fed so many rumors of male-female relations
They're a fake, pull off the skin
A collection of jokes, if friends ever wet themselves. Cause that's a lie.
It's too late, too late.
Run run, people's mouths will follow. Announcing malicious gossip is gossip itself.
Mumbles. Whispers in an ear. Trivialities diffused through to the corners.
At the end, a "tut-tut"? I don't know anything about that kind of behavior!
People's dark places, where if I don't look it doesn't exist
Produced words, negative thoughts, embarrassed by daydream theory
A tongue grown long in the mouth
Inside words, snow is falling ceaselessly, treading shoes.
That's fine. I'm fine. S-S-Stop. Stop, please.
With a bang bang bang, even searching for things going smoothly is difficult
But even so I'm happy. Tell that to the darkness.
Wholeheartedly not wanting to be hated, I scream desperately
Burdened with the weight of following through, it's true.
Did someone decide to officially approve people?
Absolute evil parading as being fair and square on the way to eternity
I noticed on Social Networks, the bullies would upload.
"Look, look, photos of kissing! Is that their rumored honey?
A life of wearing frilly clothing, looks fun."
The things you've done, where you've went, anything and everything
As the sun rises, forget, fade away
How old do you seem by the words coming from your open mouth
Youthful indiscretion
Going back and forth, coming back as expected
Regression to the starting point, over a thousand years this won't change
You always being here, being here, being below.
I go this way, so you go outside
Ok then, bye bye, locking the door, happily now there's happiness
Love that can only be here, the shadow back then is stupidly now very small
Love I couldn't bear
Was actually something I could never replace with anything
But when I noticed, "But, but!..."
Below the curtains, the stained surface of the sheets
The water that was scattered, clouded, used to paint was again leaving a stain
Representing a speckled design. Umm, we are points and lines and surface.
Look, the design of once again searching for something.
The limit of wandering was arriving at the back alley
I was always saying, "Nowaynowaynowaynoway"
Escapism, becoming the fly pupa at the dark base of the telephone pole growing wings
Wings that catch and tear off in the slanting wires overhead
This won't work, no matter how long it takes
I'll be crushed by a very large foot
Adult blindness, hitting bottom, indirectly, accepting sin, and anguish
That's fine. I'm fine. S-S-Stop. Stop, please.
I'm no different now than a moth gathering around a fluorescent light
Lowbrow, the time when I bare my fangs,
Desperately trying to live, while they always seemed like living things
Dispassionately, instinctively knowing that I'm not like an alive living thing
But in my full in my head is the syndrome of wild ideas
Continuing for eternity, you and me
The bowels of my heart gush until it hurts
Poison behind loneliness, smoke billowing up, shut the windows, grasping hands, closing eyes, breath stops
Diving deep in the lake of consciousness,
Strangely I'm not afraid. I wonder why.
Covered by bubbled soon I become a bubble too
Instantly we all burst at once, your voice echoes
TL Note: I hope this translation was helpful for you! If anyone ever sees any errors or has any suggestions about my translations, please let me know. -nmuth
투고자: nmuthnmuth, 日, 15/02/2015 - 05:22
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Either this song's all over the place or I missed something in the translation. If anyone can help out, that would be great.

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