Oyalama beni (영어 번역)

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Don't Jerk Me Around

Who knows how many days we are left
With its pain, joy and everything
Who knows how long it will take, who knows
This love is not enough even for a second
Please show mercy for the last time
Please don't jerk me around please
For a momentary pleasure and an excitement
Don't touch and don't play with my pride
Don't jerk me around and say goodbye
Don't seduce me and say goodbye
Even if you hold the feelings that I haven't tasted before
Don't touch anymore
They don't know how this soul stands
Without love how it gets frayed
Who knows where and how it will come to its end, who knows
It doesn't matter if you are right or wrong
This suffering all along these years are enough
Please don't ask me to be patient anymore
투고자: ValantinValantin, 土, 10/09/2011 - 08:04
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Oyalama beni

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