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The Coachman To Pleasure Island 가사

  • 아티스트: Pinocchio (OST) [2022] 피처링 아티스트: Luke Evans
  • 앨범: Pinocchio (Original Soundtrack)

The Coachman To Pleasure Island

It’s only peer pressure unless you’re not a peer
If you won’t be like all these kids there’s nothing for you here
Don’t trust me – Trust all of them
The time has come, don’t cut and run
It’s sink or swim, do or die
Are you with us on this ride?
Now you must decide
Don’t be a party pooper afraid of having fun
It’s all for one and one for all
The game is on, don’t drop the ball
You take the fall and ruin it for everyone
Real boys always want more (always want more)
And real girls? (Real girls always like the real boys more)
Talking all this nonsense about a so-called conscience
You’re not gonna need that anymore
So play, play, time to play
All your troubles melt away
Play, play, time to play
Now it’s time play
So tell us what you say
감사 2회 받음
투고자: altermetaxaltermetax, 2022-09-10


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