Poor Joe (러시아어 번역)


Poor Joe

He cannot dance, you say, nor sing,
Nor troll a lilting stave;
And when the rest are cracking jokes
He's silent as the grave.
Poor Joe! I know he cannot sing —
His voice is somewhat harsh:
But he can whistle loud and clear
As plover in the marsh.
Nor does he dance, but he would walk
Long miles to serve a friend,
And though he cares not crack a joke,
He will the truth defend.
And so, though he for company
May not be much inclined,
I love poor Joe, and think his home
Will be just to my mind.
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러시아어 번역러시아어 (시적, 운율)
문단 정렬

Бедняга Джо

Вы скажете, ни к танцу в нём,
Ни к песням тяги нет;
Когда все шутят вкруг него,
Он как могила нем.
Бедняга Джо! Я знаю, что
Фальшиво он поёт,
Зато свистит он стройно, так,
Как ржанка средь болот.
Он не танцор, но для друзей
Оставит он покой,
И хоть не знает в шутках толк,
За истину горой.
Пусть, может, для компаний он
Подходит не вполне,
Люблю беднягу Джо и дом
Его по нраву мне.
감사 2회 받음
This is a poetic translation - deviations from the meaning of the original are present (extra words, extra or omitted information, substituted concepts).

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