Последний Предатель (Poslednij Predatel') (영어 번역)

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The Last Betrayal

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Come, but no further than the door.
No talking, but you can hold my hands again.
I can't ask you in - our place is too small.
I know you can't control yourself, that you will kiss me.
Later, I'll have insomnia, will cry in my solitude.
I hate hearing that I'm all yours, alone,
That so many silly girls are knocking on your door.
I'd very much like to, you know, but I don't trust you.
And I cry and cry.
You leave - I wish you luck.
This means, understand, if you betray me,
I'll never forgive you!
And I cry and cry.
You leave - I wish you luck.
But, understand, you will be the last the betray me,
That I'll never forgive you.
I'll eventually forget you, but not exactly.
You'll try to replace me with another,
According to the old rules, but not exactly.
You'll get drunk some night and call.
You and I live apart, in different cities.
You don't even date me, so I begin all over again.
Time passes, you'll call and ask, "Hey! Still remember this fool?"
Well, I'll remember, never ever forgot you."
And I cry and cry.
You go away - I wish you luck.
Well, you will be the last to dump me
And be forgiven.
And I cry and cry (X11)
And I cry and cry.
You go - I wish you luck.
Well, this is the last time I get betrayed,
And the betrayer gets forgiven! (x2)
And I cry.
투고자: moose amosmoose amos, 金, 07/05/2021 - 01:37

Последний Предатель (Poslednij Predatel')

"Последний Предатель ..."의 번역
영어 moose amos
moose amosmoose amos    土, 08/05/2021 - 17:18

Actually, I don't like the title (or translation) of this song. I'd prefer: "Unrequited Love". RWA

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