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To get me to the office

To get me to the office I had bought a car,
a nice front-wheel drive that could run like the wind.
That was in July '39, I was all puffed up
with my bourgeois pride in having my own car.
But 20th September came and I was off to the war.
Eight months later, coming back
a request for my small 11HP car,
Nein verboten1 provisionally.
To get me to the office the, I bought a motorised bike,
a pretty moped doing about 36 mph.
Mounted on my banger I was all puffed up
with my bourgeois pride in getting home so quickly.
It used hardly any petrol
but hardly any was still tooo much.
That's when they cancelled my license.
I had to sell my moped.
To get me to the office next I bought a bike,
A very pretty one all nickel-plated with a chain and two keys.
Mounted on top of these tyres I was all puffed up
in my bougeois pride in having a bike of my own.
I had a dozen of them rapidly one after the other,
they were stealing them from me periodically.
As each one cost as much as a Citroën
I was ruined rather quickly.
To get me to the office next I took the metro.
That doesn't cost much and it's warm in the winter.
Alma. Iéna and Marboeuf2 I was all puffed up
in my bourgeois pride on getting home so quickly.
Sadly, to economise on power
several stations were closed.
And then it was, it was the whole entire line
that they shut down mercilessly.
To get me to the office I put two good clodhoppers on
and four times a day I made the journey by foot there and back.
The Tuileries, the Pont-Neuf3; I was puffed up,
proud of suffering my corns for such a lovely view.
Sadly, very soon, I won't have any more shoes,
the cobbler doesn't replace soles any more.
But as a prudent and perspicacious man
I've worked everything out for the future.
Tomorrow I shall learn to stand up on my hands,
I won't go very fast, of course, but I won't use any more footwear.
I'll see the world bottom up, perhaps that's more amusing.
I won't lose anything there, and also:
it's not much fun the right way up.
  • 1. German: No; forbidden
  • 2. the tube stations Alma-Marceau, Iéna, and Franklin D Roosevelt (named Marboeuf until it was renamed sometime in 1946), all very close together(three successive stops on metro line 9; Alma is the middle of the three and the distance on foot between the two others via Alma is a little under 1400 meters
  • 3. two places in central Paris; the shortest distance on foot to cover the three tube stations previously mentioned and these two places would be 4500 meters.
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투고자: michealt, 木, 22/02/2018 - 02:52
작성자 코멘트:

The footnotes may look boring, but I think the metro stations and then the other two places are intended to be noticed as not making sense for a journey that started off requiring a car, and to be obviously mutually contradictory so they are part of the houmour of the song. Needing some Parisian geography to understand the song is not all that unusual for Parisian songs, particulrly not for ones that are humourous.

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batay    木, 22/02/2018 - 03:27

Nicely translated, just 2 typos on line 7 of the 'moped' verse: That's when they cancelled my license

michealt    木, 22/02/2018 - 10:35

Thanks, I ought have spotted those myself.