Proximidad (영어 번역)



Estar cerca, aproximarse,
acercarse, estrecharse y abrazarse,
rozarse, bordearse y confundirse,
y ceñirse y apretarse,
apiñarse, agavillarse,
allegarse, adjuntarse e incluirse,
hacinarse, apropincuarse y anudarse
y reanudarse, avecindarse y convivirse.
Unámonos, unifiquémonos,
añadámonos, sumémonos, adicionémonos,
reunámonos, liguémonos, recopilémonos,
aliémonos y enlacémonos,
conciliémonos y aglutinémonos,
adhirámonos, amalgamémonos y barajémonos,
enrosquémonos, embebámonos e intercalémonos
y entrelacémonos y entremezclémonos y
Compañera, acompañante,
consecuente, inseparable, connivente,
confusa, aproximada, convergente,
yuxtapuesta y adyacente,
fronteriza e inherente,
inclusa, incluida y subsiguiente:
fijate cuánto podría hacer la gente
si el diccionario fuera menos imponente.
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영어 번역


To be near, to bring close,
to come close, to narrow and embrace,
to rub, to skirt and mix up,
and adhere and squeeze,
to cram, to bind,
to gather, to attach and include,
to heap, to approach and tie
and tie again, to settle and coexist.
Let's join, let's unify,
let's adhere, let's add, let's load,
let's gather, let's thicken, let's compile,
let's become allies and connect,
let's reconcile and bind together,
let's stick on, let's amalgamate and shffle,
let's screw, let's become absorbed and merge
and interwine and jumble and
interweave each other.
Partner, companion,
consequent, unsplittable, conniver,
confused, near, convergent,
yuxtaposed and adjacent,
frontier and inherent,
included, contained and subsequent:
look how much the people could do
if the dictionary was less imposing.
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