Qu'il est difficile (영어 번역)

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How hard it is

I wanted to speak to you, like before,
To tell you big words, or anything else,
To walk by the dreary autumn sun,
To listen to this song kids are humming.
I wanted to write to you some words, but I'm out of time.
You're turning your back on me, and I'm not twenty anymore.
Like a tree snatched by the strength of the wind,
You don't know how to love me anymore,
I don't have talent anymore.
So, where are you going, you who are so light, so delicate?
In love with what, with who else on this Earth?
I'm so afraid of dreaming, of missing, of aging
Without you next to me, without anyone I could hold to.
You're slowly sweeping away, you're taking off
Like parents do with teenagers.
You won't come back, not even in my dreams.
I'm a stranger, nothing wants me anymore.
How hard it is to sleep in peace.
How thorny it is to sleep without you.
How hard it is to keep still,
How thorny it is to live without you.
I wanted to speak to you like the first time,
To sing on the roofs, to hold you into my arms,
To go traveling with a white plane,
To dance on the clouds, to fly over the white mounts,
To put [down] my eyes, my hand, my mouth and my whole soul
On your body and your skin, on your burning forests
Like an explorer lost without map nor compass,
To come get you back and dance in farandole
But it's a bit too late, and it's ridiculous anyways.
It's finished, a fickle love story
[I'm] dumbfounded, left by the sidelines,
In a daze, I'm knocked out, you could say I'm beaten.
You keep your youth but I keep your echo,
I'm clumsy, and you're going into warm countries.
I know your face, I've drawn it too much,
I know what a wreck it is to be and to have been.
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Qu'il est difficile

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