Ranunculus (영어 번역)

영어 번역영어


Ridiculous, I'm not flying yet
Seeing sweet dreams, the drops* fell
Returning to reality, the tears flowed
Sparkle sparkle, went the shining video I saw then. Looking down, there were endless cuts
This is just a scratch, dozing, so it follows that I stand here alone and wait.
Ranunculus considerably scattered. Papa, Mama, hey...
Take me along too. Contemplating if it's normal?
Ashes within the chimney.
Doubt and lost, the bright parts of the road
You see it won't come, only a hill
A long detour, seemingly no shortcut
Because there's no one waiting for your late return
Walking slow, soundly sleeping
Quickly morning comes
If you combine the 6 boring days together you're left with one Sunday
Triumphant in spirit only, next to your effort, I'm living carelessly
Again today
Hide-and-seek in the woods
I'll draw, pass me the pen
I'll leave my mark in a tree
An invitation, an 8-min Showtime, are you ready? I'm ready.
If only someone could find me
Elimination, hiding my breath until they come find me
Not yet, a dry throat. I gulp down saliva.
8 minutes pass. Now 10 minutes. I was found cold
In the still warm dappled sunlight
TL Note: I hope this translation was helpful for you! If anyone ever sees any errors or has any suggestions about my translations, please let me know. -nmuth
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*It may not be "drops", the japanese lyric was written incorrectly and I can't quite make out the actual word she says so I went from context.

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