Reach for the stars

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Reach for the stars (영어) — To set one's goals or ambitions very high. To try to attain or achieve something particularly difficult that seems far beyond your grasp. It means to not allow anything to keep you from your goals, your dreams.

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이탈리아어Puntare in alto

"Reach for the stars" in lyrics

There is something I think you should know
I won't be leaving your side
We're gonna dance through the night
I'm gonna reach for the stars

(repeat 1)

Enrique Iglesias - We Dance

        Come - open your heart,
        Reach for the stars,
        Believe your own power.
        Now - here in this place,

Dana Winner - Conquest of Paradise

Lurking, secretly ride the winds.

Let us wander to the fires
Whispering, reach for the stars
Both the good and the bad word
Take us (further) on and on tonight.

Faun - Walpurgis Night

​Thunder and lightning, it’s getting exciting
​Lights up the skyline to show where you are
​My love is rising, the story’s unwinding
​Together we’ll make it and reach for the stars

​You’re the only one, you’re my only one

Sergey Lazarev - You're The Only One

No magic till we try

Take a leap, leap of fate
Reach for the stars in the night
Break the curse of this earth
There's miracles up in the sky

maNga - Fly To Stay Alive

We stand up once again, we restart, full throttle, we aim at the Pantheon
This line's for those who really have it, who dream about being consecrated
The hunger, the ambition, I've got it as much as the homies
We want to reach for the stars without dropping the pants
Too few good fairies and too many cinderellas
Calo-Passi action

Passi - Facing the sea

Give me everything tonight
Give me everything tonight

Reach for the stars
And if you don't grab 'em,
At least you'll fall on top of the world

Pitbull - Give Me Everything

There's no sleep after today unless it's beside you my love
I wanna go crazy, I won't stop and reach for the stars
Wela wela wela Swangger around oh heart

Najwa Karam - There's no sleep

But I don't know how

Oh, why do
I reach for the stars
When I don't have wings
To carry me that far?

Glee Cast - Roots Before Branches

I am me again
Without you

I reach for the stars
I get hold of nothing
A thousand pieces in me

Christina Stürmer - Without you

I won't be leaving your side
We're gonna dance through the night
I'm gonna reach for the stars


Enrique Iglesias - Bailamos

You know very well who you are
Don't let'em hold you down, reach for the stars
You had a few, but not that many
'Cause you're the only one, I'll give you good and plenty

The Notorious B.I.G. - Juicy

Shine into the future
Spreading your light wherever you are

I reach for the moon and I reach for the stars
With the strength from within me yeah, the further and faster I run
Stretching my sinews to the bone

ASWAD - Shine

Go face the sun
and bloom.
Reach for the stars, mhh,
see as the world...

Kovacs - Song For Joel

Ride lurking in the wind, unseen.

Let us ride away to the fires,
And, murmuring, let's reach for the stars,
The good and also the wicked word
Today we bear, far and far.

Faun - Walpurgis Night

Though some may reach for the stars
Others will end behind bars
What the future has in store no one ever knows before
Yet we would all like the right to find the key to success
That elusive ray of light that will lead to happiness

Nina Simone - Tomorrow Is My Turn

You’re the one, who makes my life worth living.
My love for you is infinite.
No reach for the stars will ever give me back how
much you give me.
You’re the one, who makes my life worth living.

Bushido - Infinite

Passed the dreams
into the light that is believed not to exist
I reach for the stars
to be next to you
and I stretch my hand to the heaven

Unheilig - Angel of Fire

Cause it is real, it my destiny
I know that time will show
I'll reach for the stars

Josefine Ridell - Reaching for the stars

There's a world so high
Hold out your hands
And you can go anywhere
So reach for the stars
'Cause I'll be waiting up there
And you can finally fly

Armin van Buuren - Youtopia

<strong>Max Herre:</strong>
You came into this world
as a daughter of life’s desire of itself
Vida, one life and my child
and just because you exist, life makes sense. [fn] Straight translation: hat das Leben seinen Sinn = life has its (meaning/purpose/sense). “Life makes sense” says that and is more common in English.[/fn]

Max Herre - Vida

...and if you don't know, now you know

You know very well who you are
Don't let em hold you down, reach for the stars
You had a goal, but not that many
'cause you're the only one I'll give you good and plenty

Emily Wells - Juicy

Had sleepless nights, no plans for the next day
Here no one will shed a tear for you
We're the "under" class, kids without prospects[fn]literally "kids with no career"[/fn]
We reach for the stars and then die
That's life, it lets you get dull
All the setbacks feel like lacerations

Bushido - Never a Rapper 2

Like the Phoenix from the ashes
I will be more than I was before
And reach for the stars
That before I did not see

L’Âme Immortelle - Phoenix

If only I could hit the ground
Take it one day at a time
Reach for the stars now
Ooh just leave the past behind
It's a part of living

Justin Bieber - Hit The Ground

We don't need to love us right away
But make yourself interesting

Come on, let's reach for the stars
Bit by bit, one by one
I'll tell you my secret

Herbert Grönemeyer - Greenland

It sneaks into me, it yearns within me
This moment, this monument of silence
It builds itself for us and invites us inside
Reach for the stars, almost grasp them
But give us some time, we almost have all eternity
Just for ourselves in this this moment

Letzte Instanz - Monument of Bliss

This road is riddled with stones
and I walk it alone
No one’s stoppin’ me
and I reach for the stars
until we someday depart
No one’s stoppin’ me

Fler - No One’s Stoppin’ Me

'Til the moment is past

When you are alone by yourself
Reach for the stars and you can touch them..
You give all that you have
To give a meaning, you have nothing to hide

Peter Heppner - Reach for the stars

Have you given up, my friend ?
Forgiveness be mine

I still reach for the stars, but all I touch is my horizon

Can I call this my burden

Diary of Dreams - Tears of Laughter

And when it is not being pursued

The more you have the more you want
You invent dust, you want to reach for the stars
But that's not it, not like this
And there's always something that we lack for happiness

Anna Maria Jopek - On the Palm

I'm made out of dust and clay,
out of fire and light.
An animal which mourns and laughs,
I reach for the stars.
A thing knowing Good and Bad,
running through the desert barefoot.

Subway to Sally - The Riddle

Although time passes,
Although everything changes, I will continue to be there ...

He does not make you fly, reach for the stars,
Just a kiss, just a kiss ...
Failure makes you feel that life is worth living,

Joey Montana - With a Kiss

When the waiting doesn't pass,
and the wind still stirs, only for you everything stays the same.
Do you still reach for the stars?

When the night doesn't want to end,

Zeraphine - The Power In You

In a silent dream,
And a million miles away.

Reach for the stars,
And live our lives forever free,
In our hearts for a thousand years,

DragonForce - The Warrior Inside

Subsisting oh so difficult
Fading away way too easy

We don't reach for the stars
You shall not revere us
We've got another motive

Völkerball - Radioactive

Dream it, dare and prepare
It's not rehearsals
Sing out, reach for the stars
What you hear in your heart is universal
You've gotta shout it out, it's what life's all about

Violetta (OST) - Shout It Out

Just let go I'll catch your fall
I will set you free

I could reach for the stars
But I know it won't be heaven
Will you catch me if I fall?

Clokx - Catch Your Fall

Like in the good old days

Once more we want
To reach for the stars
We are young and strong again,
Like in the good old days

Unheilig - Like In The Good Old Days

But people told me I can't do it
I know that I'll get through it
I know that I can make it
I'll reach for the stars

Right from the start

Gaia Cauchi - The Start

When you live from the heart!
(It's amazing) when you touch the skies,
spread your wings up, fly
It's amazing when you reach for the stars!
Uh, uh, uh
yeah, yeah, yeah

Agnes Carlsson - Amazing

You need not to climb mountaintops,
You need not to cross the sea,
You need not to find a cure for everything that makes you weak.
You need not to reach for the stars when life becomes so dark,
And when the wind does blow against the grain,
You must follow your heart,

City and Colour - Against The Grain

Escaping from a memory I didn't want to share
only the desire of possessing it made me survive.
I refuse to renounce to you because I love you.
That's why I sometimes reach for the stars
when you look at me from the sky
when you look at me from the sky

Radio Macandé - I miss you

That is why we are here now
So that someday we may make the day
For people who cannot reach for the stars
And I'm offering you this smile of mine
You know you're never really alone

Ula Ložar - You're Not Alone / Your Light

You´re a prisoner of fame and money,
A slave for the glory,
Reach for the stars,
You know you´ll have the world lying in your arms.

Lovex - Slave For The Glory

Open your eyes and realize
Hard times are over if you want
Open your mind
Reach for the stars
Answer is there for us to find

Stratovarius - Years Go By

Wise men talking
Tales from the old

I reach for the stars
Wherever they are
In darkness

Chiara - What If We

In times of peace
Times of war
The sky remains the same
You reach for the stars too far away

The one who's born in misery

Accept - Amamos La Vida

Don't wanna wait anymore, just us two, boy
Let's make everything we'll ever need and more

I'll take your hand and we'll reach for the stars in the sky
Without a care at all
We might not have a plan but together we'll find it, I'll promise

McClain Sisters - Perfect Mistake

„Do not reach for the stars, if you love the world at your feet,” someone once said to me. Bullshit! The only thing that is at your feet, are the remains of a miserable existence. Who has everything has just a lot to lose. I have nothing. So of what should I be afraid? No one could understand what is going on right now in me.
The trembling walls and the ground shaking only slightly irritating. The tongue drags hesitant words to day, and again the lights go out. Damn, just wait a minute ... everything returns to a single question: What am I doing here? I wanted my peace with the world, but the world did not want my peace.

Diary of Dreams - Element 5: Resignation

I learnt one thing from Muhammad Ali
Confidently and without weakness
I could put my arms around this world
Reach for the stars
Hover above the clouds
Breeding like Tyson Tauben

Massiv - Higher Than the Rest of the World

(Hook: Karuzo) [x2]
As long as I have dreams, no one of you can harm me
I am ready to die for that even this night
Ready to die, to reach for the stars only once
With each verse, that I write, I come closer to freedom

Genetikk - As long as I have dreams

"Don't try to reach for the stars,
When the whole world loves you,"
someone told me once.
The only thing at my feet,
is the remains of my miserable existence.

Diary of Dreams - Element 5: Resignation

People talk about you
People say you've had your day
I'm a man that will go far
Fly the moon and reach for the stars
With my sword and head held high
Got to pass the test first time, yeah

Queen - Princes of the universe

They forgot all words of “yes” and ”no”,
They forgot all sacred titles and names
And they are able to reach for the stars
Never thinking it could be a dream
And to fall burnt by the Star we call Sun.

Viktor Tsoi - The Star we call Sun

Who change their tune depending on the product they're selling us
They rap like they're playing sport
I never play sport, because I spend my time rapping
I want to live it to the fullest, Oli told me to reach for the stars
So we worked, we slogged away for it (yeah yeah yo)
The tide turns like the wheel

Bigflo et Oli - The Big League

Leaving my cares behind
I just make myself keep going
No matter what happens
I reach for the stars
Step into a new land
Where, before me, no one has ever gone.

Michelle - The Best Moment

How we let our little children destroying the goblin
Why we got them all killing and stealing and robbing
We need to plan a little seed to prevent the mobbing
Why don't we teach them that science to reach for the stars?
Cause they can beat the fire with the future worst than odds
Don't want them looking in the past and covering scars

Will.I.Am - Ghetto Ghetto

He's in the land where
Anything can happen
Reach for the stars
Grab that golden ring
Just remember he's Americano

The Brian Setzer Orchestra - Americano

Even when I am exhausted I will still go forth on my journey.
I want to take pride in myself,
I want to reach for the stars and won’t be a prisoner.
The stars seem high from a distant, but they are not that high;
I can definitely reach them. I can definitely reach them.

Danny Chan - Reaching for the Stars

You have this one life
And now is your time
Always reach for the stars
The way isn't far at all
Do what you love

Andreas Bourani - The World Belongs to You

Red lipstick lies
From your fainting face
We could reach for the stars
Or give in
Take off and fly

Julias Moon - Lipstick Lies

I'm gonna cruise
I'm gonna flow
Though the sky might be cloudy
I will reach for the stars

I'm gonna rise up

Regine Velasquez - My Destiny

The lesson you must learn
No one could ever teach
Open up and reach for the stars

Above you

The Whitest Boy Alive - Above You

There is something I think you should know
I won't be leaving your side
We're gonna dance through the night
I wanna reach for the stars


Enrique Iglesias - ¡Bailamos!

Say whatever you want, do whatever allays your hunger
Approach life, don't leave it in peace
Don't reach for the Stars, you still got a lot to learn
Live the moment with a little bit of skill
And allow it

Die Apokalyptischen Reiter - Paradise

I'll been looking for you. Looking for you.
Why are we so fragile?
Like tiny figures made out of glass.
Some break under pavement, while others reach for the stars.
Go, somewhere that you wont be found.
And I promise I will looking for you.

dePresno - Hide and Seek

I guess that's why I'm here and I can't come back home
And guess when I heard that? When I was back home
Every interview I'm representing you, making you proud
Reach for the stars so if you fall, you land on a cloud
Jump in the crowd, spark your lighters, wave 'em around
If you don't know by now, I'm talking 'bout Chi-Town!

Kanye West - Homecoming

You’re not alone

That is why we are here now, so that some day
We can make the day for people who can’t reach for the stars.
And I am offering you this smile of mine
You know you’re never really alone

Ula Ložar - You’re not alone

I got nothing to call a solution
Not a penny to my name, just riding the motion
Yet like a child I still reach for the stars
But if this darkened hole is my conclusion
And the mother of pearl world is just a notion

Poets of the Fall - Brighter Than the Sun

You drive a new car
You smile for the cameras, live life like a superstar
Don't care what they say
You reach for the stars
Got everything you always dreamed or thought about
And everyone knows who you are

Wiz Khalifa - Cameras

Awaken the silence,
Lighten up the darkness,
Stand up, smile, and reach for the stars
Don't be sad, I'm with you
Forever, my angel... my angel.

Alsou - Angel

I failed to see the point in living without you
It got me thinking death is sweet
I'll never know unless I leap
I guess I reach for the stars cause girl I'm in love with you oh so desperately
But I'm about to do is discreet
I rest the cheek on the pillow as I'm counting sheep

Hoopsin - Dream Forever

Going through changes
Hoping that they never fade
Hold on don't reach for the stars

Stand for what you are

Accept - Stand 4 What U R

Back to the start
Back to my heart
Back to the boy who would reach for the stars
Who would reach for the stars, yeah

James Arthur - Back From The Edge

Shoot the Commissioners!
They are only building newer, higher walls!
They reach for the stars and the blue of the sky.
You don't interest them; you stand facing them with no name.
Shoot the Commissioners...

Ultra Bra - Shoot the Commissioners, Those Rabid Dogs!

and what's important to you.
Take each day and
make it great.
Reach for the stars and then
take off and run.

Schloss Einstein (Soundtrack) - Come What May

When this party goes up
We'll rise into the sky (into the sky)
And a bit higher
As we reach for the stars (for the stars)
Now this feeling goes up
Straight to the (?)

Reino Nordin - Up

한 겨울밤의 꿈은 아닐 거야
지금 너의 가슴의
온기가 느껴진다면
If you reach for the stars
Just hold on you won't fall
You can have it all

Loco - 너도

It's a cry from the past, we have been through a lot
Every year has been great and a few have been tough
And your kids they will reach for the stars up above
We'll sit and relax as we're cheering them on
The ropes to the light from the crib to the grave

Blink-182 - Pretty Little Girl

Go your way, face the danger
You will recognize
Everything that is important, when time has come
Yes, reach for the stars, you are ready
Believe in yourself, soon the time will come
We will be with you

Digimon (OST) - Live your dream

Reach for the stars
And when that rainbow's shining over you
That's when your dreams will all come true
Reach for the stars
Climb every mountain higher [fade to finish]

S Club 7 - Reach

I, for you
I leap into my dreams
I reach for the stars
The first time that I love
I, for you, dreams and lives change

Christos Cholidis - I, for you

This is my Moscow, but in the enemy hands.
They'll tell me up in heaven what I did wrong.
I grew up on the Moscow river, my home is here.
We didn't reach for the stars, we were like one family.
We made ourselves this way.
In this world you can be kind but you've gotta be prepared to fight.

Elena Temnikova - Crazy Russian

(We're gonna reach for the stars)
Just take my hand (Just take my hand)
We'll take a chance tonight...
Reach for the stars...

Cash Cash - Reach For The Stars

Live again

Sing, live today, this moment can't endure
Oh... let us reach for the stars - we'll make it, I'm that sure
Be it sadness, be it gladness, we can start it all anew
Look at me, look at me, and the sun comes shining through

Mary Spiteri - Little Child

Just hold on
You can make it happen for you
Reach for the stars and
You will fly

Dio (USA) - Hungry For Heaven

There comes a time we all understand
When we could use a helping hand
Someone who believes we can reach for the stars

Things are much better when we do them together

Shakira - Todos Juntos

You stand at my side
When I need you
Hold me even if I stay silent
Sometimes I reach for the stars
Since you are with me
They don't seem to be that distant

Christina Stürmer - Catapult

We don't have to go love each other
Turn yourself at least curious

Come, we'll reach for the stars
Piece for piece, more and more
I'll tell you my secret

Herbert Grönemeyer - Gronland

Come away on a strange vacation
Holiday has hardly begun
Run into a good friend of mine
Sold me her sign, reach for the stars

Venus and Mars are alright tonight

Sarah Brightman - Venus And Mars

I see a star, it is so far,
Never will I ever touch it.
It is so high, the Heaven sits above,
I will never reach it.
I must try, just one last time,
Then will I know for sure.

Bles Bridges - Reach for the stars

Of course, you feel like me, we're alike
For us both, there's no "but" and "if"
I admit it, I'll also walk through walls if need be
Even if the goal is far, I reach for the stars
We both believe that
There is nothing one can't do

Schikaneder - Das Musical - Dream Big

Kindle your fire
And let the whole world see it

The goal is still far away, but you reach for the stars
Take every step with confidence
The radiance in sight and the happiness at the heels

Helene Fischer - With Every Heartbeat

[Verse 2]
You wrote magic words, riding on radio waves
The audience screamed, and reviewers they raved
Finding a way and reach for the stars
It happened so fast, but we all had a blast

My Little Cheap Dictaphone - What Are You Waiting For

No chains, no bars

Some day, with my heart on fire
Some day I’ll reach for the stars
Some day

Eleanor Cassar - Someday

There comes a time we all understand
When we could use a helping-hand
Someone who believes we can reach for the stars

Things are much better when we do them together

Shakira - All Together (Puro Inglés)

And we work, aha, just to let imagination
Come inside and take me away

We may reach for the stars, and fall from the sky
Oh, in the darkest hour the spirit of man comes to life

Chris de Burgh - The Spirit of Man

Cool sand upon the place
Where I once kissed you
And I held you close
Now I will reach for the stars
Because, oh my love
That's where you are

Vertical Horizon - On the Sea

What if I told you
Don’t count on me
Don’t count on me to explain to you
How best to reach for the stars

What if I told you

Mickey 3D - Don't count on me

Go your way imagine the danger everything
Everything is important
You will recognize when the time is come
Yeah reach for the stars you're ready
Believe in yourself soon ist time
We will be with you

Digimon (OST) - Live Your Dream

He has none of simply ”yes” or simply ”no”
He does not keep track of the ranks
He can easily reach for the stars
He will do it for a simple “Thanks!”
And is destined to fall down burnt by the star called the Sunshine

Viktor Tsoi - The Star Called The Sunshine

What used to be!

Stupid people
Never reach for the stars
Stupid people
Always turn back and then what..

All Ends - Stupid People

We are who we are
Nothing will ever hold us back
We reach for the stars
Our country has taught us that

Hamza Hawsawi - Together We Sing