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  • 아티스트: Kimberley Michelle Barr
  • 곡: Baseline Raver
  • 요청: 영어 → 태국어
  • 투고자 코멘트:

    If anyone is able to translate any of my lyrics please, with permission for me to use. I wish to learn to speak, rap, and sing my lyrics in many languages. Teeth smile

    I am a single parent, small business owner, full time student teacher (currently applying for my second year placement) - which is why my time to learn is limited. I can sing other people's songs in 12 languages, but it is my dream to know my own.

    In the process I seek to either finally prove to my family that I am not crazy, and that synchronicity is a real measurable thing; or, to admit that I am wrong, at least then I can suck up all the comments and jokes made about my dream but until I know for sure, I can't let it rest.

    It is impossible to know until the texts are translated and I have learned each lyric.

    This has been my hobby for three years. I didn't want to overuse this forum so I have been asking on Facebook and accepting random requests. That, to say the least, is not working. It's quite degrading, most people being guys who want me to send photo's, invite them for a visa (which I can’t do) and are only concerned about flirting - which I am not.

    I have been asking for my family and friends to translate a lyric for me at every Christmas and birthday, everyone gets what they want except from me: because my family desperately want me to quit the project.

    For the next week, since it was my birthday, and not too long before school starts up again; I will be asking anyone and everyone for help with any of my lyrics into any other language, that is what I call treating myself.

    I hope this will be Okay

  • 번역: Swahili, Urdu, 독일어, 러시아어, 말레이어, 세르비아어, 스페인어 #1, #2, 슬로바키아어, 아랍어, 알바니아어, 일본어, 포르투갈어, 폴란드어, 프랑스어

Baseline Raver

People ask me when I'll go to bed,
Not ever gonna stop,
Not ever 'till I'm dead,
I'm not hungry for the bread,
I'm just hungry for the knowledge,
Cos knowledge is wisdom,
So are you gonna listen (look)
I'm not gonna be a slave to the system,
I'm just gonna take a rave on a system,
Maybe its time that we save our system,
Maybe it's time that we do something different ( n me I'm just a baseline raver)
Don't need weed, speed, heroin,
Don't need E, coke, Ketamine,
Never mind if that sounded like dizzies,
It doesn't matter, pass the fizzy
Did I say fizzy (oops) I meant water,
That's what you should be drinking you ought to (and me I'm just a baseline raver)
Don't wear Nike, that promotes slave labor - (me I'm just a baseline raver)
An' I'm cheesy - packet of quavers
Never mind "you should have gone Specsavers",
Never mind that - I like to dance on tables,
And me I'm just a baseline raver
Yeah I'm just a baseline raver
투고자 코멘트:

I will add translations that I have received by Monday