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child (girl) come here and listen to me
I always pay attention to you
all I really want is not to disappoint you
and in the mean time I dream dreams that you do not even know
you do not know that the fear of loosing me is yours
and you always want to have the last word
thus it is difficult to heat the sound of a tear
that when it falls it is a thunder in the ocean
remember remember
that no one else in the world means more than you do
remember I am the reason
from your warm arms, I will never go far
had you known how to do better, it is certain that you would
or maybe I do not want that you have to win
and even now, you know that you will hurt those eyes
because you say that that way you know I care about you
and I try to understand that which I do not know
the doors close and I fear a little
shout if you want but promise if you can
that you will stay for ever
that we are
remember remember
that there is no other than the things together
remember again that I am a little bit of you
and that your big arms will be around me
by your way
make me remember the bad things that you do to me
even though you do not know, deep down it is only love that you give me... give me ... give me
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