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To Break The Ice 가사

  • 아티스트: Russell Watson
  • 앨범: Only One Man (2013)

To Break The Ice

To break the ice,
I wish that she would break the ice.
She won’t, but still,
It would be nice
If it could be
She were the one to come to me.
I’m too afraid.
It’s plain to see.
I can find a way in,
Make her laugh, touch her skin,
Whisper words in her ear
That won’t shock her to hear.
She’s the one I adore.
She’s the girl I live for.
Would I be denied?
If I ever tried to break the ice.
To break the ice,
I wish that she would break the ice.
I’ll wait for her,
I’ll pay the price.
Years pass, and yet I can’t let go.
I can’t forget
The girl next door I’ve barely met.
But one day she’ll be there,
And we’ll pass on the stairs,
On most days I walk by,
But she catches my eye,
And she smiles like the sun,
So I know I’m the one.
And I am led up to a bed to paradise.
And the ice breaks at last.
We make love, and days fly past.
Her body’s mine and mine alone.
And yet that day will stay unknown,
If my heart cannot be stirred
To say one word.
To say one word,
I dream each night to say one word.
Of course I know it sounds absurd.
If she preferred,
I’d write it down that I’d be heard.
A risk, but a risk I could take.
Let the ice break...
투고자: Fer ChevalierFer Chevalier, 2022-08-13


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