Ses Etme (영어 번역)

영어 번역

Don't call out

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You are chasing yourself
Like saying "'If this is life, I'm out"
You are driving round and round
Like you are starting over
Dress your wound, so that it doesn't fester
Drink a glass of water1, if there is one
It heals, heals a little
Next thing you know, an empty room
It is seducing your heart
When it runs in your blood, crazily
You melt away, there is no cure
It is hurting, wait, don't call out
You wrote this line, that's not their fault
You wanted to be like that, you wanted to die
How you wrote it one by one
You looked at it like nothing
That's all
That's like breaking
That's like loving
Actually, like loving
  • 1. This is an idiom that would translate to "kiss something goodbye"
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Ses Etme

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