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Sjeti se (영어 번역)

  • 아티스트: Kemal Malovčić (Кемал Маловчић, Кемаль Маловчич) Also performed by: Ilma Karahmet
  • 곡: Sjeti se 앨범: Ko gubi (1986)
  • 번역: 러시아어, 영어, 히브리어
검토 요청

Sjeti se

Sjeti se, sjeti se sreće
sreće naše divnih dana
u ljubavi
A rastanka, a rastanka
časak bola zaboravi
Raduj se, raduj se životu
voli nekog, srećna budi
u ljubavi
Al' da mene, al' da mene
duša boli zaboravi
Sjeti se, sjeti se noći
gorili smo, gorili
od ljibavii
Al' za sada, al' za sada
isto gorim zaboravi
Aman, aman
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Remember, remember the happiness,
The wonderful days of our happiness
In love.
And the parting, and the parting,
The hour of pain — forget.
Rejoice, rejoice in the life,
Love someone, be merry
In love.
But that my, but that my
Soul is hurting — forget.
Remember, remember the nights,
We were burning, burning
From love.
But that till now, but that till now
I'm burning like before — forget.
Aman, aman...
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  • 1. This word is common in Bosnian folk and folk-pop/turbofolk songs, in this case it reflects the pain and the suffer of singer.
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