Slaba na slabića (영어 번역)

영어 번역영어

Crazy for a wimp

They offered me half of Novi Sad*
Zagreb* in the rain at night
they offered me Bosnian valleys
right next to the Save to fulfill my wishes
But me, crazy for a wimp
the more stupid his storytelling is
and now he is lying to me, day and night
crazy for a wimp
who doesn't even have cash for a Fico*
but what can I do when he is as beautiful as a dream
They offered me thoroughbred horses
and wealth to stun you
they offered me thirty salaši*
to be accompanied by two hundred tamburica* players
They offered me islands next to Split*
and Hajduk* to be World Champion
they offered me mountains and valleys
tell us, Seve, whatever your heart wishes for
투고자: someone11someone11, 水, 10/09/2014 - 15:49
작성자 코멘트:

*Novi Sad = Largest town of the Vojvodina, Northern Serbia
*Zagreb = Capital of Croatia
*Fico = Iconic car in former Yugoslavia
*salaši = villages usually found in the Pannonian Basin (mostly in Northern Serbia and Croatia)
*tamburica = string instrument hugely popular in Central and Southern Europe, most notably Eastern Croatia as well as in the Vojvodina
*Split = 2nd largest town in Croatia and largest town of the historical region of Dalmatia as well as Severina's hometown
*HNK Hajduk Split = Croatian football club from Split


Slaba na slabića

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