Soluk Soluğa (영어 번역)

영어 번역영어


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I will talk, even if you're sleeping
Even if you can't hear a word
While time was ending
This story that we loved most
I touch your hand,
Your half-opened legs
I'm leaning on your wet mouth
push my mouth on it for the last time
Your hair is messy
Your underwears were scattered in the room
After you cried yesterday ,
Your makeup was strewn on the pillow
Without awakening you,
I'm taking off everything that is on you...
My body is wet from sweat
I'm leaning on your body for the last time
It doesn't make me so sad anymore,
I don't even feel anything
They are just a few memories
They will go off some how in time
I left for so long
But i need it now
Sometimes a liquor bottle,
Is a life support unit
This time really, while I am going
Really, while I am abandoning
While I am pulling the door to you
I'm staring for the last time
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Soluk Soluğa

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QueenSkriverQueenSkriver    火, 22/08/2017 - 22:21

Yine harikasın,her zaman olduğu gibi.Ellerine sağlık! Wink smile