Sorg (영어 번역)



Fegin verður bæði, bið
bindur okkar hlekki.
Slegin ótta vættir við
vera máttu ekki.
Háar raunir móður minnar,
mæðuvísu syngur.
Bláar varir, kólna kinnar,
krókna brotnir fingur.
Vakið angist hefur hann,
hryggur, votur hvarmur.
Flótta hafið langan, látin,
liðin nú þau hafa.
Ótta, reiði, gremju grátin,
galtóm augun stafa.
투고자: Camila BatistaCamila Batista, 月, 26/06/2017 - 19:08
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Relieved we shall both become, pray
we bind our own chains.
Frightened of the supernatural
you mustn't be.
Great trials of my mother,
she sings a verse of weariness.
Blue lips, cheeks growing colder,
broken fingers freezing.
He has caused great misery,
heavy-hearted, his eyes are wet.
This has burdened many a man,
weary and overwhelmed by sorrow.
A long flight they have begun, dead,
passed on that they have.
Resulting of fear, of anger, crying from frustration,
empty eyes are empty.
투고자: david.winlodavid.winlo, 月, 21/10/2019 - 23:58
Added in reply to request by Camila BatistaCamila Batista
작성자 코멘트:

Not my translation! Please see the link below to the original. I may come back to this at some point to make some edits, but at the moment this translation seems accurate enough to me whilst retaining more of the poetry and sounding more natural than many of mine have done.

This translation also contains two lines not seen in the original lyrics: "This has burdened many a man,
weary and overwhelmed by sorrow." was originally "Hrakið hefur margan mann,
mæddan bugað harmur."

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