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Allá en el Rancho Grande

Soy charro de Rancho Grande
y hasta el amor bebo en jarro;
y no hay potranca matrera
que me tumbe si me agarro
Ay qué mi Dios tan pantera
cuando se viste de charro.
Yo en Rancho Grande nací
y nunca lo ando diciendo;
hay quienes no son de aquí
y no más van presumiendo
como uno que conocí
y que sigo conociendo.
Yo no nací en Rancho Grande
pero quiero este lugar;
hay muchos que por costumbre
hablan no más por hablar
hay muchos que prenden lumbres
no las saben apagar.
Las lumbres que yo he prendido
no las apaga cualquiera;
no todos somos iguales
andando en la quemadera
yo conozco caporales
que se queman en la hoguera
Hay uno que en el cantar
da su envidia a conocer;
porque no fue caporal
ni lo quiso una mujer
corrió al palomo tan mal
que al patrón hizo perder.
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Over there at the Rancho Grande

I'm a charro from Rancho Grande1
and even love I drink from a jug;
and there's no cunning foal
that can toss me if I hold on.
Oh my God, how swell he appeared
when in his charro garb.
I was born in Rancho Grande
and I don't go bragging it;
there are those who aren't from here
and all they do is flaunt it,
just like someone that I knew
and am still getting to know.
I wasn't born in Rancho Grande
but I love this place;
there's many who by habit
speak for no reason at all,
there's many who start fires
that don't know how to put them out.
The fires that I've started
can't be put out by just anyone;
not all of us are the same
walking in the blaze.
I know herdsmen
who burn themselves in the bonfire.
There's someone who when he sings
let's his envy show;
because he was no herdsman
nor did any woman want him,
he was such a bad pansy*
that he made boss lose.
  • 1. the name of the ranch, lit. "Big ranch".
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