Spit it out

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Idiomatic translations of "Spit it out"

ξέρασέ τα όλα
Voor de dag ermee!
raus damit
Spuck's schon aus!
Vyklop to!
انطق الجوهرة
Gukni golube!
Ağzındaki baklayı çıkarmak
hadi öt bakalım
بگو دیگه، بنال

Meanings of "Spit it out"


used to tell someone to start speaking or to speak more quickly, when they are unwilling to speak or are speaking slowly

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"Spucks schon aus"
"Raus damit"
Fordert jemanden dazu auf, mit etwas herauszurücken, das er nicht unbedingt sagen möchte.

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درنگ نكن ، هرچي تو ذهنت هست رو بگو

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Konuşmaya pek de istekli olmayan veya yavaş konuşan birinin konuşmasını veya daha hızlı konuşmasını isterken kullanır. (bkz: Hadi ağzındaki baklayı çıkar)

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"Spit it out" in lyrics

King Gnu - The hole

will you look into my heart?

You can spit it out.
It's alright to scatter yourself

Billie Eilish - bury a friend

[Verse 1]
Come here
Say it, spit it out
What is it exactly?

Stella Magna - Parade's Lust

If the eyes are the mirror to the soul, then I'm sold, so—
Oh, you got more to say?
Then spit it out, feel it loud
Go ahead, ask away

Karsu - Reloading My Mind

Is it yours or is it mine?
My patience is gone
Save time and spit it out


You were going to leave.
So you spit it out so easily.
You do not know.

J-Hope - Base Line

They say, base on
A grade without basis
I spit it out to them
Hope world, base line

Moon Byul - Absence

I spit it out indifferently without any meaning
It means to not leave me alone now
Ignore this moment, it’s just a complaint
I can’t explain my thoughts

Taeyeon - Stress

Words come up that I’ve kept hidden,
You linger in my head, your one word that stings,
Can’t spit it out, it’s unlike me
All of the words wrapped around you

Mabel Matiz - Oh, Darling

even though you squander

if you feel, then spit it out
will you drive me from house and home?

Melanie Martinez - Orange Juice

You turn oranges to orange juice
Enter there then spit it out of you
Your body is imperfectly perfect

Lee Young Ji - Dark Room (암실)

I always step on the same mine
I always wander around the same place
Just spit it out get some fresh air
Live a life away from the floor

YEZI - Sse Sse Sse

Without the license I make it louder Honk Honk
I'm so fly, my talent is so high
After hearing 1,2,3 I'll spit it out, Oh my god
Your rap is a submarine, going down, too bad

RM - Rap Monster

Next-generation rap star to lead the young hip-hop craze
I just can not stop
I always write down on my own and spit it out and prove it to me
I've already stolen two ears of millions of people

Back-On - Chain

Can you hear my voice?

Spit it out, throw it away
Have a reason to be proud

Solar - Spit it out

하고 싶은 대로 다 하고 살아 지금껏 난
재밌는 걸 또 찾아 매일 새로워 난
Because I’m ready
Baby driving me crazy

Francesca Michielin - Natural State

When you speak I don't understand, it seems like you spit it out
or rather you scream because you must amplify four muted verses
You're already lost, big, only after two sneezes

J-Hope - 1VERSE

there can’t be a confrontation at the beginning
your six forms under my eight letters
the gathered up phlegm, [spit it out] like my age TWO TWO on the ground
I’ll lightly step on the road my fans have given me

Bury Tomorrow - Choke

(I can’t find a way to bring myself back)
Choking on these words unsaid
(Spit it out, spit it out before I fade out)

FAKE TYPE. - Watch Out! Swing Up!

Watch Out! Swing Up! No More Fake A*s!
偽型製敵国音楽 トラトラトラ
We Got A Fake Peace, Spit It Out For Me

Elvis Presley - My Way

When I bit off more than I could chew.
But through it all, when there was doubt,
I ate it up and spit it out.
I faced it all and I stood tall;