ตายทั้งเป็น (taay thang pen) (영어 번역)

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Dying Alive

* Losing money won't make me die,
and it's never too late making it.
But if I lost you, I would die,
like those whose heart collapse.
I would only be thinking about her,
wanting her to be mine only
Any happiness wouldn't worth exchanging.
If I was dumped, I would be very sad for sure.
** Dying alive,
I wouldn't be able to stand this pain for long
My heart would be burnt by the hot coal of love.
And lie there dying alive.
*** And if you want to leave me,
please wait for me to die first.
Anywhere, anyhow, anytime or anyone I wouldn't care
But just not today, please.
Repeat - *,**,**,***
투고자: HerculesDwightHerculesDwight, 月, 14/06/2021 - 15:48

ตายทั้งเป็น (taay thang pen)

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