That's How It Is (영어 번역)

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That's How It Is

他有 雙冰冷眼睛 誘我入阱
當他開心時 人間就化為仙境
下秒上癮了 但還得小心
因為死神只等他點頭 就下命令
我怕太晚自拔 已經太愛他
我失去了上天堂的期望 下地獄卻沒有他 And
That's how it is當你吵到精疲力盡
That's how it is 當你只在乎你自己
That's how it is 別忘你滿虛言的行李 whoa
That's how it is 後悔來得太晚 明天 You're gone Cause that's how it is
Hey 我跳進游泳池裡 我無法呼吸
不想喊救命因為他 總是發脾氣
交響曲非凡旋律勾引著我 給我解脫給我復活 越來越沈溺
不想再這樣束手無策得往下沈 我要 從水底爆發出來 我開竅了
發現了 我和他並不命中注定 這條分岔的路已走盡
想到 當初的你 有點像鳳梨
棘手難貼近 心裡好甜蜜
想到 後來我們變成一對陌生人
回味不甜 不想吃鳳梨again
투고자: Elda Mengisto, 月, 24/09/2018 - 05:41
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영어 번역

That's How It Is

He has icy eyes which tempt me into entering a trap,
When he's happy, earth becomes paradise.
In the next second, it becomes a habit, but [I'm] still careful
Because death waits for him to nod, then to execute the order.
I'm scared that it's too late to free myself; I already love him too much,
But I pretend to not care about this callous moment.
I lost the hope of going to heaven, but going to hell without him, and
That's how it is when you shout until you're exhausted
That's how it is when you only care about yourself.
That's how it is, don't forget your suitcase filled with empty words.
That's how it is, the regrets came too late. Tomorrow you're gone, cause that's how it is.
Hey, I plunged into the moat to swim in, I have no way to breathe,
I don't want to shout to save my life, because he would always get angry.
A symphony with an extraordinary melody seduces me; it releases me and resurrects me, [and] I become more addicted.
I don't want to sink into helplessness in a crisis like this again,
I want to come out of the water and to get it straight.
Discovering that he and I inevitably won't hit the target. This split road has already been used up.
[I] thought of the earlier you, a little like a pineapple,
Difficult to get close to in [my] hands, yet sweet on the inside.
[I] thought of how afterwards, we became strangers.
The flavor is not sweet [anymore], [I] don't want to eat pineapple again.
투고자: Elda Mengisto, 月, 24/09/2018 - 06:29
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