The Three Roots (아이슬란드어 번역)

고대 노르드어
고대 노르드어

The Three Roots

Þríar rætr standa á þría vega
undan aski Yggdrasils;
Hel býr und einni, annarri hrímþursar,
þriðju mennskir menn.
Askr Yggdrasils drýgir erfiði
meira en menn um viti:
hjörtr bítr ofan, en á hliðu fúnar,
skerðir Niðhöggr neðan.
투고자: TorsteimTorsteim, 火, 12/10/2021 - 11:59
투고자 코멘트:

The tree of worlds. Yggdrasill. The tree connects many worlds together, it is, as it were, the center of the universe, which weaves into itself all the material and non-material laws of being. The first world to be revealed is the world of Helheim, the world of the dead. The world where people go and find eternal peace. The second world is the world of Jotunheim, the world where the giants live and reign. A world of eternal and endless cold. The third world opened to man is Midgard. This scene shows us that man, in his greed, cripples the world tree. Surrounding himself with concrete and pumping out all the juices. At the roots of the world tree. The serpent gnaws at them. It symbolizes the arrival of the inevitable, namely that all living things that were born sooner or later will be swallowed up by time. Everything will turn to dust and this is inevitable. And even such a huge tree as Yggdrasill, which contains huge worlds, will sooner or later cease to exist.

아이슬란드어 번역아이슬란드어
문단 정렬

Ræturnar Þrjár

Undan aski Yggdrasils
standa þrjár rætur á þrjá vega;
Hel býr undir einni, annarri hrímþursar,
þriðju mennskir menn.
Askur Yggdrasils drýgir erfiði
meira en menn um viti:
hjörtur bítur ofan, en til hliðar fúnar,
skerðir Niðhöggur neðan.
투고자: somethingswellsomethingswell, 月, 18/10/2021 - 00:23
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