Two cups

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Meanings of "Two cups"


Come's from the thought that you can hold two cups before you explode.

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"Two cups" in lyrics

Namika - Je ne parle pas français

But you keep talking
I find it somehow charming
And draw two cups of coffee
On your hand

Namika - Je Ne Parle Pas Français - I Don't Speak French

Yet you continue talking
I find it somehow charming
And you paint two cups of coffee
With the pen in your hand

Migos - Slippery

Pop a perky just to start up (pop it, pop it pop it)
Two cups of purple just to warm up (two cups, drank)
I heard your bitch she got that water

Future - Mask off

[Verse 1]
Two cups, toast up with the gang
From food stamps to a whole 'nother domain

Future - Mask Off

[Verse 1]
Two cups, toast up with the gang
From food stamps to a whole 'nother domain

Peer Tasi - Derech Hashalom

and she ask me what i want to drink
i feel so like a character from a movie
there are two cups on the table
and she pour without to stop

Namika - Je ne parle pas français (I Don't Speak French)

But you just keep speaking
I find it somehow charming
And I draw two cups of coffee
On your hand, with a pen

Ski Mask the Slump God - Nuketown

Icky Vicky spit, how I got slimes on deck
Metal on me like they just flicked Bic, uh-huh
Two girls, two cups, know I had to level up
Ate a Mario mushroom quick, uh-huh

Kay Tse - The Wedding Invitations Street

Forget the place you called home
The table, the sofa, the fridge, and two cups of black tea
This heartwarming place is but rented

Joe Dassin - Once Upon A Time, The Two Of Us

When, later on, the waiter came
To bring us
Two cups of coffee with a knowing smile,
You hid away

DJ Khaled - Do You Mind

Calamari dinners, got you eatin' raw sushi
Still in the trap, but I like my bitches bougie
Two cups of styrofoam, excuse me lil' mama
I can hold you down, be your friend and your lover

La Oreja de Van Gogh - Take care

that your eyes tell me
that they've seen you cry
fill two cups
and let's dance

Future - Please translate Mask Off

[Verse 1]
Two cups, toast up with the gang
From food stamps to a whole 'nother domain

Usher - Peace Sign

Beat, beat 'til the sunrise
All up in her hair like a hair tie
Two cups down, got us tongue-tied (Tongue-tied)
I can't wait 'til I'm inside, yeah

Enrique Iglesias - Finally Found You

Find yourself moving with sex of the drums
Got my hands full, grabbin' all these girls, girls
Hands up, hands up, dance floor chillin' while I hold two cups
Can't stop spilling, cause I'm drunk as fuck

Calle 13 - Multi Viral

We multiply
Whoever doesn't want soup,
Give them two cups
We are the yeast that makes the dough rise

Vald - I love you

I think I still love you, my brother
Sometimes, it's you that I see in my reflection
I always bring two cups when I want to have a drink
You give me, I reborn, I can take off the disguise I put on

Enrique Iglesias - Nihayet Seni Buldum

Basslı müzik eşliğinde sekse doğru
Ellerim etekleri avuçlamakla doldu
Elleri kaldır, just flo chilling with ho two cups
Dökmeden duramıyorum, çünkü deli gibi sarhoşum

Julio Iglesias - We are

A symphony that never plays

We are two cups of wine rendering tribute to life
We are who knows the goodbye of a parting

A$AP Rocky - Gunz N Butter

Blew up ever since then (okay, okay)
Grew up ever since then, screwed up ever since then
Two cups ever since then (Kill 'em Flacko)
Nah, big homie, took my time but now, big homie