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Idiomatic translations of "two-faced"

two faces
duas caras

Meanings of "two-faced"


If you say someone is 'two-faced', you're saying that person is dishonest, not sincere.

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Двуличный человек (возможно еще употребить как лживый)

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Kada se neko ponaša određeno u jednom društvu, a sasvim različito u drugom.

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"two-faced" in lyrics

Hardy Sandhu - Finding Love

I didn't found that one lover
Whom I can trust blindly
I've found many two faced people

Lizzo - Soulmate

Yeah, the old me used to love a Gemini
Like a threesome, fuckin' with him every night
A lotta two-faced people show me both sides
So I figured out I gotta be my own type

Tamer Hosny - A Hundred Faces

Because there are so many people with a hundred faces
We actually miss two-faced people
Forgive us, we made a mistake, we're sorry

Rachid Taha - ecoute moi camerade

she'll never love u
not even in ahundred years
she's being two-faced
forever changing

Chase Atlantic - Slow Down

[Pre-Chorus: Mitchel Cave]
It's two-faced, it's too late
But coming down is all I ever do, babe

SadBoy Loko - Long live the people

They call us bad people, they say we're criminals
but then get in line for tacos and tamales,
fucking weird two faced people in disunity
this is for my people, the Mexican race.

Chinese Man - Miss Chang

Chaos they said: the whole place burn fire
Fire burn them, imposters and traitors
No me no want no more of them two-faced liars
Tell them we are tired are you kill this man: uh?

Shade - Unattainable

I've eaten Baci Perugini candy still in the wrapper
I'll give you four kisses on the cheek
Two for you, two for being two-faced

TVXQ - Keep your head down (Why)

Ha~ Don’t play with people like that
In front of me,all you do is speak of lies
From everyone's perspective you’re such a two-faced person
(Why why why) Since when did our crystal-like feelings become so opaque?

Bass Santana - Curse

Moved to foreign, took it over, lost my fuckin' mind
Instigatin's why I don't trust these bitches
Two-faced and lame ass nigga
Gangbang for fame fake hitta

Emrah Karaduman - Shut Up

But closely, you are unnecessary

Two-faced, but heartless
Did you count these broken pieces?, that's all

Banda Carnaval - Two-Faced

You're someone else from afar
anyone can see that you're two-faced
you're a wicked and old self-interested hag

Eminem - Believe

Give me that inkling and mo–
–tivation to go, Hussein with the flow
Fake fans that are two-faced didn't show
Let heartbeats loop, produce hate in my soul

MC Solaar - Solaar is crying

Not to parade but to profess the seventh prophecy
I've stand up to masters , to priests , to traitors
To two-faced bastards without cortex still dancing funky jerk
If that's you , bow , walk lowing profile & shut up

Damien Saez - Our Lady of Melancholy

Spirituality, my foot
It’s nothing spiritual
In the theatre of two-faced bastards

Googoosh - People

I am tired of argument
I am tired of that two faced heart
You don't want to remain in this house

Agatha Christie - Black Moon

Now you can fly
And never fear anything anymore
Your heart is so two-faced
On the upside it's laced

Sivert Hoyem - Give It A Whirl

The connections of your tired machine
Well, you know you've been a liar
A good for nothing two-faced go-between

Joseph Attieh - go

its not acceptable anymore
to burn myself for you
you're two faced
you talk but do the opposite

İbrahim Dizlek - Don't fall down

You can't find a place of refuge,you get lost

You die of a broken heart when two-faced tricksters prevail.