Virujen u te (영어 번역)

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I Believe In You

Not a day, not an hour goes by
That you're not my flower and flower pot
My soul is filled with storm
Because you are my wave and wind
Don't ever go without me
not even to the church to pray to God
Let the wind turn
One tear will crush me
I believe in you, I have a good life with you
As long as I live, I will love you blindly
I believe in you, I confess my sins
Even when you're cheating on me, I'm having a good time with you
투고자: SpringSpring, 金, 01/01/2010 - 00:00
Croatian (Chakavian dialect)Croatian (Chakavian dialect)

Virujen u te

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barsiscevbarsiscev    木, 13/09/2012 - 02:29

Izvinite, Spring.
Mislim da u frazi 'One tear will brake me' ima greške.
Reč 'brake' je pogrešna, ovde mora biti 'break' ili neka druga.
Sve najbolje, Sergej.

SpringSpring    金, 07/12/2012 - 13:29

It's been changed on the original translation website a long time ago. Thanks anyway Regular smile