Vitralls (영어 번역)



Com si hi fossis aquí encara,
jo vull omplir la meva casa amb el teu so,
amb l'olor que he guardat
teixida en els rajols.
Quan els finestrons eren d'or,
si tu els obries perquè entrés, ardent, l'amor.
Quan el temps no fou temps,
sinó un cos embolcallat pel teu cos.
Com si hi fossis aquí encara,
jo pensaré la meva casa amb el teu crit,
amb la llum que he estimat
pels vitralls del teu record.
Quan tot el plaer fou la pluja,
que netejava la brossa del cor del món.
Quan el temps s'esvaí
i sols restaren les imatges del teu buit.
투고자: MetodiusMetodius, 土, 26/05/2018 - 12:33
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Stained Glass Windows

As if you were still here,
I want to fill my home with your sounds;
With your scent, which I've kept
Interwoven with the floor tiles.
When the window shutters were made out of gold
As long as you opened them, so that ardent love could come in.
When time wasn't time,
But a body wrapped around your own body.
As if you were still here,
I will imagine my home with your scream,
With the light that I've loved so much
Filtered through the stained glass windows of your memory.
When all our pleasure was in the rain,
Which washed away the filth from within this world's heart.
When time dissapeared
And all that was left were the images of the emptiness of you.
투고자: MetodiusMetodius, 土, 26/05/2018 - 13:00
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