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私はピアノ (Watashi wa piano) (영어 번역)


人も恨やむよな仲が いつも自慢の ふたりだった
あなたとなら どこまでも ゆけるつもりでいたのに
突然の嵐みたいに 音を立てて くずれてく
涙が出ないのは なぜ 教えて欲しいだけさ
ふたりして聞くわ ラリー・カールトン
日だまりの中で抱かれ いつしか時の徒然に
思い出に酔う ひまもなく 心から好きよと云えた
あの頃が なつかしくて 何もかも
アナタがいなければ 1から10まで ひとり
言葉もないままに 生きてる
くりかえすのは ただ lonely play
思いきり感じたままに 見せるしぐさ やさしくて
言葉じゃなくて態度で 解り合えてもいたのに
男の人なら誰でも 細い肩を抱けばわかる
夜が恐いよな女にゃ それでいいのよ すべて
おいらを嫌いになったとちゃう Um
そんなことないわいな あっそう!
この先 どないせと いうのジャジ Um そんなこと知るかいな
辛いけど涙みせない 雨の降る夜には ビリー・ジョエル
情けない女になって しまいそな時には サンバ
ためいきが出ちゃうよな恋 静かに抱きすくめられて
焼けた素肌が 今でも なつかしい
ひとしきり泣いたら 馬鹿げたことねと思う
くりかえすのは ただ lonely play lonely play
투고자: Agente 223Agente 223, 水, 01/12/2021 - 23:59
최종 수정: Agente 223Agente 223, 日, 06/03/2022 - 14:18
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문단 정렬

I'm a Piano

I've always been proud of you and I was so close to you that made people jealous
I was sure that with you in my life we could go anywhere
Now everything is falling apart, as if a storm had it us
Why can't I cry? I just hope you'd tell me
I can't take my eyes off you
We would listen to Larry Carlton together
While I spent hours between your arms in a sunny place
Without having time to be drunk of memories
The moment when, from the bottom of my heart, I managed to tell you that I loved you, is such a beautiful memory, it is all.
Without you I've been living a lonely life
Not a single word spoken from 1 to 10
Playing something lonely over and over again
The gestures you put your heart and soul into were so sweet
We were able to understand each other through gestures instead of words
But any man could do it, when he puts his arms around my skinny shoulder, I'm the kind of woman afraid of the night, but I'm fine with all of that
You won't see me hating what we're doing
Man, what are you gonna do now?
Do you know that too?
It's diffucult, but I won't let you see me cry, Billy Joel on rainy nights
Samba, for those times when I'm feelling pathetic and pitiful, we have the kind of love story that made me sigh
Your tanned and bare skin as you held me silently is still a good memory to this day
It all feel so ridiculous when I break down and cry for a while
I asked my piano
I asked my piano
But all I did was play a lonely song
I play something lonely, over and over again
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